IDOLiSH7 Anime's Promo Video Shows 'Monster Generation' Performance

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Anime to have 17 episodes

Bandai Visual began streaming a promotional video for the IDOLiSH7 television anime on Thursday. The video introduces the main characters and shows a newly-animated performance of the IDOLiSH7 group's first song "Monster Generation." An earlier animated music video for the song debuted in 2015.

In addition, the staff revealed at the advance screening of the first two episodes on Thursday that the anime will have a total of 17 episodes. The first two episodes will debut together as a one-hour special. The advance screening version opened in 79 theaters in Japan and will begin streaming in Japan on Friday at noon.

The first two episodes will also screen early at Anime NYC in the United States on November 18. The anime will premiere in January.

The cast members for the IDOLiSH7 and Trigger idol groups are returning from the game:


  • Toshiki Masuda as Iori Izumi
  • Yusuke Shirai as Yamato Nikaidō
  • Tsubasa Yonaga as Mitsuki Izumi
  • KENN as Tamaki Yotsuba
  • Atsushi Abe as Sōgo Ōsaka
  • Takuya Eguchi as Nagi Rokuya
  • Kensho Ono as Riku Nanase


  • Wataru Hatano as Gaku Yaotome
  • Sōma Saitō as Ten Kujō
  • Takuya Satō as Ryūnosuke Tsunashi

In addition, Satomi Satou plays the in-story IDOLiSH7 group's manager Tsumugi Takanashi. (The character has no voice in the original game.) Susumu Chiba plays her father and the head of Idolish 7's agency, Otoharu Takanashi. Kazuyuki Okitsu plays Banri Ōgami who works at the agency. Katsuyuki Konishi pays Sōsuke Yaotome, the head of the idol group Trigger's agency, and Yoshihisa Kawahara plays Kaoru Anesagi, Trigger's manager.

Makoto Bessho (Shangri-La, Armitage: Dual-Matrix) is directing the anime at Troyca. Ayumi Sekine (Makura no Danshi, Fate/Grand Order: First Order) is supervising the anime's scripts. Kazumi Fukagawa (Inari Kon Kon, GLASSLIP animation director) is adapting Arina Tanemura's original character designs for animation. Ei Aoki (Fate/Zero, Aldnoah.Zero) is credited as supervisor.

Bandai Namco Online made the IDOLiSH7 "dramatic rhythm action" iOS and Android game with music in collaboration with Lantis. The player assumes the role of Tsumugi Takanashi, a manager for a new idol group. She must train seven male singers — each with their own individual personalities — to turn them into the No. 1 idols. The game features full voicing of the dialogue by the cast.

Source: Moca News

Thanks to WashuTakahashi for the news tip.

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