World of Final Fantasy Meli-Melo Smartphone Game Revealed With Video

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Players control Mirages to save Valgallan kingdom

Square Enix revealed the World of Final Fantasy Meli-Melo game for iOS and Android devices on Tuesday. An official website for the game opened and began streaming a promotional video.

In the game's story, tiny Lilikins live in Valgallan together with legendary beings called Mirages. The land is divided into fire, ice, wood, light, and darkness sections that serve as the source of different energies. The Guardian Beasts control those powers. The Holy Crystal, which the King safeguards in the capital city of Baron, protects the Lilikins. But when the kingdom celebrates its 1,000th anniversary, King Cecil suddenly disappears into darkness at the ceremony to mark the occasion.

In the game, players control Garden-User powers to befriend Mirages and save the world as Dome Users. Mirages Meru, Tama, Seraphii, and Nevan use their various abilities to help Dome Users. The Whitey Gang uses a capsule-like object to capture Mirages, and the group appears before players to carry out their big objective. Mirage Users Lann and Reynn also appear in Valgallan. Self-proclaimed god Enna Kros hears cries for help in Valgalla, takes players to the alternate world, and unlocks their powers.

Players raise Mirages in the Garden and give them magic stones called "Rise" to help them develop abilities. People then use their Mirages to fight against monsters in battles that occur automatically. Stacking moves can create special combinations to battle enemies. The Dome Challenge lets players join forces in groups of up to four players to earn limited Mirages or items through battles. After clearing the beginning area in the game's adventure mode, players will also be able to read the scenario as a manga.

Basic gameplay for the "monster-raising role-playing game" will be free, but some in-game items will be available for purchase. A pre-registration campaign is offering in-game rewards depending on how many people pre-register. A Niconico Live streaming program will reveal more information about the game on November 25.

Square Enix released the original World of Final Fantasy game for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in North America, Japan, and Europe in October 2016. The game launched for PC via Steam on Tuesday.

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