Kraken Releasing Licenses Garo: Red Requiem Live-Action Film

posted on by Karen Ressler
BD slated for April 10

Section23 Films announced in its April release slate on Thursday that its Kraken Releasing label will release the Garo: Red Requiem (Kiba ~Ankoku Kishi Gaiden~) film on Blu-ray Disc on April 10.

Kraken Releasing describes the story:

In the ancient war against the monstrous creatures known as Horrors, many Makai Priestesses have fought and died in battle, yet no woman has ever been chosen to wear the mystic armor of the Makai Knights. Kouga, the current bearer of the gold wolf armor Garo, doesn't believe it's even possible, but when his quest to destroy the Horror Karma thrusts him into conflict alongside the fiery Priestess Rekka, he's forced to acknowledge that the female is often the deadlier of the species! Because Rekka has a personal score to settle with Karma, and she's determined to destroy that Horror herself! It will be all Kouga and his Mado Ring Zaruba can do to keep the three of them alive long enough to do it in the GARO universe's first spectacular feature film - GARO: RED REQUIEM!

The film debuted in 3D in Japan in October 2010. It was the franchise's first film.

Kraken Releasing also released the first 13 episodes of the original 2005 live-action Garo series in October, and will release the Garo: Kiba - The Dark Knight! special on February 20.

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