Kamen Rider Kiva's Kouhei Takeda Returns in Build

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Takeda plays Hokuto's Kamen Rider Gris in latest show

Actor Kouhei Takeda will appear in the Kamen Rider Build series as Kazumi Saruwatari, a new character who can transform into Kamen Rider Grease. The role is a return to the Kamen Rider franchise for Takeda, who previously played the role of Otoya Kurenai in the Kamen Rider Kiva series in 2008.

The character appeared briefly in the 16th episode on Sunday, and will feature heavily in the show's 17th episode on January 7. [Highlight white text to read spoilers] Kazumi Saruwatari is a secret weapon sent by the Hokuto faction after they declared war on Tōto. He reluctantly carries out the orders of the Hokuto prime minister to attack even the Tōto citizens, and reveals himself as a Kamen Rider in front of Sento and Ryūga.

Kamen Rider Build, the latest installment in the franchise, premiered in September.

Source: Cinema Today via Otakomu

Update: Kamen Rider Grease's Romanization and broadcast date corrected. Thanks, ukiya_seed and ginrai_

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