Dynasty Warriors 9 Game Streams 6 Character Videos

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Game ships in Japan, N. America, Europe in February

KOEI Tecmo Games began streaming six character action videos for its Dynasty Warriors 9 (Shin Sangoku Musou 8) game on Tuesday.

Zhang Liao

Xu Huang

Taishi Ci

Ma Chao

Jia Chong


KOEI Tecmo previously streamed videos for Wang Yi, Guo Jia, Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Zhang Fei, Guan Suo, and Diaochan.

The game will ship for PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 8, 2018 KOEI Tecmo Games will offer the game in a standard package or download edition for 7,800 yen (about US$69), a treasure box edition for 14,800 yen (US$130), and an "Ikkitōsen Box" edition for 33,800 yen (US$297). A digital deluxe edition retails for 10,000 yen (US$95) and comes with a season pass and three DLC weapons.

The treasure box edition comes with a set of five character clear cards with a photo frame, a character designs collection book, an original soundtrack, and the game. The "Ikkitōsen Box" comes with the same extras, plus a set of five die-cast weapons, one for each of the five main characters.

The game will ship for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam in the West on February 13, 2018. The physical and digital release will include a bundle of bonus content with costumes for seven characters.

KOEI Tecmo America describes the game:

In Dynasty Warriors 9, players will explore China as it existed when feudal warlords vied for dominance over the land – the waning days of the Han dynasty and emergence of the Three Kingdoms era. Setting out to complete various objectives, players will utilize an unprecedented world map to navigate and traverse a variety of different landscapes ranging from vast plains to snow-covered peaks presented with dynamic day/night and weather cycles. Exploring these impressive environments is made more engaging through the ability to adapt to surroundings to gain an upper hand in battle, with players able to use equipment to circumvent obstacles or blend in to avoid conflict.

The open-world game will have Critical Missions and Regular Missions. The game will also feature new attacks, new characters, and other "innovations." New actions include shooting enemies from a distance and using grappling hooks to enter enemy castles.

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