Matoi the Sacred Slayer Released Monday

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Series released on Blu-ray and DVD

On Monday January 22, MVM will release Matoi the Sacred Slayer on Blu-ray and DVD. Sentai Filmworks described the story:

In Tenman Shrine in Kamagaya City, Matoi Sumeragi is a 2nd year middle school student working a part-time job as a shrine maiden. Matoi's close friend and coworker Yuma Kusanagi was the candidate for the next shrine maiden, being born into the family of the Tenman Shrine's shrinemaster. She finds out that the family has conducted "exorcism" to rid evil spirits for generations, and attempts the "ritual of divine possession", a ritual connected to "exorcism", together with Matoi.

After school, the two of them head to the shrine as usual, but there they find a devastated shrine and Yuma's parents wounded and collapsed. Furthermore, there was a man there with somewhat of an aura of insanity,. Yuma suddenly conducts a "ritual of divine possession" in order to hold the thrashing man back, but it wasn't Yuma that changes happened to…

What was given to a girl who was seeking an ordinary, normal life was the power to wield a god and rid evil spirits?!

Masayuki Sakoi (Celestial Method, Princess Resurrection) directed the anime at WHITE FOX, and Yousuke Kuroda (My Hero Academia, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Big Windup!) oversaw and wrote the scripts. Mai Toda (animation director for Baby Steps, One-Punch Man) was the character designer and chief animation director, and Seiichi Shirato (Jormungand, Drifters, Joker Game) was in charge of setting research. Tatsuya Katou (Love Live! Sunshine!!, Celestial Method) composed the music.

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