Pixiv Website Surpasses 30 Million Users

posted on by Karen Ressler

Japanese art-focused social networking service pixiv announced on Tuesday that it has surpassed 30 million registered users as of February 10, its 3,806th day since launching on September 10, 2007. Users have submitted about 75.5 million works to the platform as of Tuesday.

The website provided further statistics on its user base. The ratio of male to female users is about 58% to 42%. Most of its users — 59% — are in their 20s, while 18% are in their teens, 15% are in their 30s, and 8% are in their 40s.

About half (53%) of pixiv users are in Japan, while 18% are in China, 6.2% are in Taiwan, 4.9% are in the United States, 4.8% are in South Korea, and 13.1% are in other territories.

Regarding the occupations of pixiv users, 40% of pixiv users are reportedly students, 31% are in technology or IT fields, 8% are unemployed, 8% are office workers, 4% are in the service or sales industries, 4% are artists, and 5% are in other professions.

[Via Otakomu]

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