Hokuto ga Gotoku Game Videos Show Battle Techniques

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Yakuza Studio's Fist of the North Star PS4 game ships March 8 in Japan

The official YouTube channel for Sega Games' Yakuza franchise began streaming three battle introduction videos for Hokuto ga Gotoku, Yakuza Studio's Fist of the North Star game, on Friday. The three videos show beginner, intermediate, and advanced battle techniques.




The game will ship for PlayStation 4 on March 8 in Japan after a delay.

The game takes place in the world of Fist of the North Star, and will feature a completely original story. The game will feature familiar characters from Fist of the North Star, and will also feature original characters that original manga artist Tetsuo Hara is designing for the game.

Takaya Kuroda, who plays Kazuma Kiryū in the Yakuza games, will voice Kenshirō in Hokuto ga Gotoku.

In the game's story, Kenshirō learns that his beloved fiancée Yuria has died. Kenshirō hits rock bottom after learning of this devestating news, but one day he hears a rumor: Yuria is in fact alive. With hope in this rumor being the only thing keeping Kenshirō alive, he wanders through the wasteland and manages to reach the miraculous town called "Eden."

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