Palladium Books' Robotech License Expires, Remaining Kickstarter Rewards Cancelled

posted on by Karen Ressler
Robotech RPG Tactics game was funded in 2013

Palladium Books president Kevin Siembieda announced on Tuesday that Palladium Books' Robotech license has expired and it will be unable to produce Wave Two rewards for its Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter project.

Siembieda explained that the long delays in shipments were because the 3D sculpts for the miniatures were unexpectedly not compatible with the manufacturer's software, and so had to be recreated from scratch at high costs. As a result, the company split the rewards into two waves in 2014, the first of which included the base game and six expansion packs, in hopes that retail sales of the first wave would help fund the second. However, Siembieda said that the current cost to fulfill Wave Two would be between US$485,000 and US$625,000, and there are no funds left over from the Kickstarter campaign.

The company is offering Wave One rewards in place of unrealized Wave Two rewards, but those interested are required to pay for shipping. Requests must be submitted by March 20, since Palladium must liquidate its stock by the end of March as per the terms of its license agreement.

Kickstarter's Terms of Use provide a legal requirement for creators to fulfill all rewards or offer refunds.

The project launched in April 2013 and met its base goal in three hours. The project went on to earn US$1,442,312 from 5,342 backers. Ninja Division/Soda Pop Miniatures worked with Palladium Books on developing the game.

Palladium Books released its first Robotech RPG in 1986, and then regained the Robotech license in 2007 before publishing the Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles RPG. PDFs of the original game and Shadow Chronicles books must also be liquidated by the end of March.

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