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The Idolm@ster: Shiny Colors Game's Latest Video Highlights Alstroemeria

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Bandai Namco Ent. to release smartphone game on new "enza" platform

The official website for the The Idolm@ster: Shiny Colors browser game for smartphones began streaming a promotional video on Friday for the game's three-girl idol unit Alstroemeria.

The unit's tagline is "Flowers in full bloom, our theory of happiness." The members and their respective voice actresses include:

Honoka Kuroki as Amano Ōsaki, a second-year high school student and the younger of the Ōsaki twins. She is a gyaru who treats everyone fairly. She always has her mind on the present, and is eager to do what can only be done now.

Ryōko Maekawa as Tenka Ōsaki, a second-year high school student and the older of the Ōsaki twins. She has been looking out for Amano since they were little. She is not good at socializing, and tends to embrace indoor hobbies, such as playing games and watching anime.

Noriko Shibasaki as Chiyuki Kuwayama, a 23-year-old woman with a memorable smile, and is often considered the older sister of the idols in the agency. Her maternal demeanor is one of her strongest charm points. She has a hobby of creating small accessories and trinkets.

Other revealed units include Illumination Stars and L'Antica. All the units are in the agency 283 Production. ("283" is pronounced "Tsubasa," a wordplay on the Japanese word for "wings.")

Illumination Stars is made up of girls in their first year of high school, and the unit's tagline is, "Twinkling in the eyes, unlimited possibilities." The members include:

Hitomi Sekine as Mano Sakuragi, a kind-hearted girl who makes people happy just by being around her

Reina Kondō as Hiori Kazano, a cool beauty with a stoic personality

Mayu Mineta as Meguru Hachimiya, a naive, friendly girl with a Japanese father and American mother

L'Antica's tagline is "Turn the rusted key of destiny." The unit's members include:

Chisa Suganuma as Mamimi Tanaka, a listless third-year high school student with a punk attitude. She hates being asked to do something. While she has beautiful looks, she is indifferent to anything outside her own interests.

Mizuki Yuina as Kiriko Yukoku, a silver-haired second-year high school student who has a mysterious air about her. Her ethereal atmosphere and her bandaged arms are her trademark. Although she speaks in few words, she has a kind-hearted personality.

Karin Isobe as Kogane Tsukioka, a 19-year-old woman brimming with confidence and positive attitude. She has a cute figure that attracts attention, but her clumsiness also often makes her stumble and fall when dancing.

Narumi Runa as Yuika Mitsumune, a free-spirited college freshman who is into many obscure subjects. She is pretty, goes with the flow, and immediately sociable even to people she has just met.

Anna Yamaki as Sakuya Shirase, a third-year high school student who goes to an all-girls school. She is generally good at sports, is an honors student, and has a model-like figure. She is popular with girls due to how she carries herself like a prince.

The president of 283 Production is Tsutomu Amai, who may act like a "dandy" in his 40s, but has a no-nonsense personality.

Hibiku Yamamura will voice Hazuki Nanakusa, a 283 Production employee who may seem always sleepy but is multi-talented as she helps the idols with voice training, dance lessons, and makeup.

The site hints at five more idols in one last unit to be revealed later.

The overall theme song for the game is "Spread the Wings!!" by lyricist Saori Kodama and composer/arranger Akihiko Yamaguchi. Yōichi Sekine serves as the game's music producer at Lantis.

A tie-in four-panel manga also launched on the game's official website.

The game will be available on smartphones via Bandai Namco Entertainment's "HTML5 New Platform," called enza.

Disclosure: Bandai Namco Filmworks Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Bandai Namco Holdings Inc., is a non-controlling, minority shareholder in Anime News Network Inc.

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