MangaGamer Launches Kickstarter for Original Koropokkur Game With Clannad Designer Hinoue

posted on 2018-03-13 15:35 EDT by Alex Mateo
Visual novel follows fairy seeking love in human world

Video game localizer and publisher MangaGamer launched a Kickstarter campaign for its first original visual novel Koropokkur in Love ~ A Little Fairy's Tale~ on Tuesday. The campaign is seeking to raise US$30,000 by April 3.

Itaru Hinoue (Kanon, CLANNAD) is the lead character designer and illustrator, Miyu Naito is writing the story, and Funczion SOUNDS is composing the music.

MangaGamer describes the story:

Somewhere in Hokkaido lies a small village of fairies, once known to the locals as 'Koropokkur.' As times changed, their village prohibited its residents from interacting with the human world and the Koropokkur were long forgotten.

However, a few of these young Koropokkur became fascinated with the human world and gazed upon it through a magic viewing pool. Asirrera, in particular, was enamored with an ancient Koropokkur legend of a young girl who ventured out into the human world, became human through the grace of Kanda's Kamuy, the local deity, and found love with a human man.

Asirrera summons up her courage to break the village laws and see the human word for herself, using her magic to transform from the size of an apple to human-sized!

Unfortunately, her clumsiness quickly gets the better of her and ruins Satoru's last ditch efforts to save the maid cafe he runs in Akihabara. Plagued with guilt, she offers to help make amends by staying and working with Satoru to help revive the cafe.

After seeing her plight through the viewing pool, her friends, Cirta and Haruante, leave the village to help. While they're both supportive of Asirrera, they also seem worried by her lack of urgency in fulfilling her true goal...

If the project is funded, the team plans to release the localized game on Steam and its website in September 2018.

If the project hits the stretch goal of US$40,000, the game will have Linux, Mac, and dual language support. At US$80,000, the game will have full Japanese voice acting. At US$120,000 and US$150,000, MangaGamer will add new side stories for the characters Cirta and Haruante, respectively. If the project hits US$200,000, the game will feature Live2D animated models.

The game will not be 18+, but the Kickstarter page notes that MangaGamer is considering funding additional adult content after receiving requests for it.

The backer rewards include a digital download keys, digital soundtrack, digital production booklet, physical copy of the game, A4 clear file, physical production booklet, physical soundtrack, T-shirt, wall scroll, autographed art boards of the characters, hug pillow cover, bedsheet, dinner and Kanda Shrine tour with Hinoue, and an appearance in the game. Backers can receive character keychains and other items as add-ons.

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