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Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient, Gungrave VR Games Head West

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
XSEED Games also releases Gal Metal, Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity in 2018

Marvelous USA subsidiary XSEED Games announced on Tuesday that it will release the Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient, Gungrave VR, Gal Metal, and Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity games in North America in 2018. Marvelous Europe announced Gungrave VR and Gal Metal. XSEED Games began streaming an announcement teaser trailer for all four games.

XSEED Games will release Team GrisGris' Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Neues; game under the title Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient for PC in fall 2018. The company describes the game:

The nightmare has returned five years after the events of Corpse Party: Blood Drive with an average junior high school student, Ayame Itou, suddenly finding her life turned upside down in the most unsettling way possible. Upon waking from a coma strapped to an operating table in a ransacked and seemingly abandoned hospital called “Amare Patriarcha Crucis,” Ayame realizes she's locked in without any means of escape and with virtually no memories of her past. She is, however, not quite as alone as she first thought. Others occupy the mysterious hospital, but whether they are friend or foe remains to be discovered. Remains to be discovered…

Digital game distribution platform PLAYISM released the game in Japan on October 5. The game is a reboot of GrindHouse's Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient game, which launched for PC in 2013.

XSEED Games will release Korean video game publisher Blueside and Korean developer Iggymob's Gungrave VR game for PlayStation VR in fall 2018. The game will be XSEED Games' first VR release. The company describes the game:

Following the battle against the Orgmen—creatures transformed by the mysterious drug, SEED—Mika Asagi has tracked the manufacturing of the narcotic (along with a whole new Orgman infestation) to South City. With the city streets overrun by these newly formed creatures, Mika requests the assistance of Beyond the Grave (Grave, for short), waking him from 14 years of rest after his previous battle. She hopes for him to use his power to help rid the city streets of the Orgman threat and stop the flow of SEED once and for all.

The game shipped in Japan on December 14. The "cinematic action shooting game" is a prequel to the developer's upcoming Gungrave G.O.R.E. PS4 game.

XSEED Games will release DMM Games' Gal Metal game physically and digitally for the Nintendo Switch in fall 2018. The company describes the game:

Planet Earth is on the brink of invasion after humanity ruined the peace and quiet of the universe with the broadcast of metal music on the Voyager probe's Golden Record. Aliens picked up the signal and couldn't stop headbanging, and now they're dying off because of it, so they want revenge! A few rogue extraterrestrials make their way to the source of the music and abduct two high school students from the Tokyo suburb of Kichijoji: an unnamed boy, and a drummer named Rinko from an outrageous girls-only metal club. The aliens needed an emissary with whom to discuss the terms of their revenge, and felt either of these two would serve nicely; however, being unable to choose between them, the aliens simply decided to merge their souls into a single being! Now, working together, the all-in-one pair must team up with the other members of K.M.G. (the Kichijoji Metal Girls) and rid the planet of these eight-tentacled extraterrestrials using the power of metal. It's time to rock these music-hating creeps all the way back to whatever planet they came from!

The rhythm game is DMM Games' first title for the Nintendo Switch, and it shipped in Japan on February 8.

XSEED Games will release Ankake Spa's Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity (Touhou Kōkishin, or Adventures of Scarlet Curiosity) game for PC via Steam in summer 2018. The company describes the game:

Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity begins with the so-called “Scarlet Devil” Remilia Scarlet, who, at 500 years old, is desperately searching for something new to end the monotony of immortality. After stumbling upon a newspaper article about a powerful and mysterious monster terrorizing the countryside, she rushes out to see if this could finally be the excitement for which she yearns. Unfortunately, not only is she unsuccessful in her search for the monster, but she returns to find her manor in ruins. It would seem the monster has come to her! With a renewed sense of determination (and a much-needed respite from her boredom), she vows to take revenge on this fiend and make it pay!

XSEED Games released the 3D action role-playing game for PS4 on September 20, 2016. Mediascape released the game on the PlayStation 4 in Japan in February as part of its "Play, Doujin" project.

Sources: Press Releases, XSEED Games' Official YouTube Channel via Siliconera

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