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Discotek Licenses Devilman, Angel Cop, Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, Law of Ueki, Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card

posted on by Karen Ressler
Also: Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!, Babel II BD releases planned

Discotek Media is announcing at Momocon on Friday that it has licensed the Devilman, Angel Cop, All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, The Law of Ueki, and Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card.

The company also announced that it will release Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact! and Babel II on Blu-ray Disc this summer. Discotek previously released both titles on DVD. Discotek also updated on its upcoming release of Cyborg 009 The Cyborg Soldier: it will release all 51 episodes on one SD Blu-ray Disc set with the original openings and endings restored. The series is currently being resubtitled and the company is hoping to release it by the end of the year.

Discotek will release the Devilman original video anime (OVA) on remastered Blu-ray Disc near the end of summer. The release will include the original dub and newly revised subtitles. It will also add a newly-translated 28-minute audio drama.

The OVA's two episodes debuted in 1987 and 1990 as adaptations of Gō Nagai's Devilman manga. L.A. Hero and Dark Image Entertainment both released the episodes with English subtitles before Manga Entertainment licensed the series and released it with a profanity-laden English dub.

The Devilman manga recently inspired the DEVILMAN crybaby anime that debuted on Netflix in January.

Discotek will release Angel Cop on a digitally restored but not remastered Blu-ray Disc at the end of summer.

Manga Entertainment previously licensed and released the OVA on VHS and DVD with a profanity-laden English dub and subtitles that revised the OVA's anti-Semitic storyline. Discotek's release will include the dub and two subtitle tracks: a new uncensored track and the original subtitles on an alternate track.

Special features will include an essay on the show's historical context by ANN's Todd Ciolek, a text interview with the original dub writer John Wolskel, and original VHS release trailers.

The six-part OVA debuted in Japan from 1989 to 1994.

Discotek's license for All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku includes the original OVA, the television anime, and the All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku DASH! OVA. The company will release all of the installments on one SD Blu-ray-Disc in late summer. The release will have both the Japanese and English dubs.

ADV Films previously released the series on DVD with the English dub. Discotek's will release will also include Crusader Video's mid-90's U.K. dub of the original OVA's episodes 1-3.

The first six-episode OVA debuted from 1992-1994. ADV Films described the story:

When inventor Kyusaku Natsume transfers the brain of his son Ryunosuke's cat into a top secret android body, the family doesn't lose a pet, they gain a daughter! While she may look like a typical teenage girl to the rest of the world, Nuku Nuku's feminine exterior hides the superhuman strength and abilities of the NK-1124 android chassis, making her the most potent fighting force ever unleashed upon an unsuspecting Japan, and the ideal bodyguard for Ryunosuke!

But can even Nuku Nuku keep her young charge out of the insidious clutches of the ruthless Akiko Mishima, president of Mishima Heavy Industries (M.H.I.), financier of the NK-1124 project, Kyusaku's ex-wife and Ryunosuke's mother? The greatest custody battle of all time erupts in a conflagration across Japan as Akiko unleashes the full force of M.H.I.'s military products division, manned by her elite team of Office-Lady Warriors, in her bid to win back Ryunosuke.

Both the 12-episode television series and 12-episode All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku DASH! OVA debuted in 1998 as separate retellings of the original concept.

Discotek will release all 51 episodes of The Law of Ueki on one SD Blu-ray Disc set at the end of summer. The release will include both English and Japanese audio.

Geneon Entertainment originally released the 2005-2006 series on DVD with the English dub. Funimation distributed the complete series in one set as part of a deal with Geneon, but the license expired in 2011.

Geneon described the story, based on a manga by Tsubasa Fukuchi:

Ueki is an average junior high student who has the power to change trash into trees. This power was granted to him by Mr. K so that Ueki can participate in the "Battle of the Supernatural Powers." If Ueki wins, Mr. K becomes the new King of the Celestial World while Ueki will receive the "Talent of Blank", allowing him to choose whatever talent he desires. However, the battle will not be easy since he will have to face many unsavory opponents who want the "Talent of Blank" for their own selfish reasons. Ueki will undergo many trials and sacrifices in order to win the battle and prevent the "Talent of Blank" from falling into the wrong hands.

Discotek will release Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card, the Card Captor Sakura franchise's second film, on Blu-ray Disc near the end of summer. The film will be remastered in HD and it will include both Japanese audio and Bang Zoom! Entertainment's English dub.

The film debuted in Japan in 2000, and Geneon released the film on DVD with the English dub in 2003. Crunchyroll recently screened the film in U.S. theaters in January and February along with the prologue episode for the new Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card anime. Crunchyroll also added the film to its streaming catalog.

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