Hibiku Yamamura Replaces Yurika Endō in Project Tokyo Dolls Smartphone Game

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Endō retired from entertainment industry last month

Voice actress Hibiku Yamamura announced on Twitter on Friday that she will replace Yurika Endō as the character Yamada in the Project Tokyo Dolls smartphone game.

Square Enix launched the smartphone game in June 2017. The story is set in the unchanging scenery and calm daily life of Tokyo in 2017. Female fighters are battling in the unknown reverse side of Tokyo. The all-female idol group Dolls is actually a facade to conceal the true nature of the group as a combat force. A few years ago, a strange being known as Pygmalion appeared and began to consume people in the shadows of Tokyo. The affected area extends to a wide area inside Tokyo, and people's memories and feelings are being consumed. The girls reborn as dolls with paranormal powers are the only opposition to Pygmalion. Forced to fight a harsh battle beyond death, the girls' fates are interwoven with the mysterious artifact "Gear" that shines in their hearts.

Endō's talent agency Swallow announced in December that she would retire from professional voice-acting, singing, and all similar entertainment work at the end of May. Endō held a final live concert on June 1.

The BanG Dream! franchise announced last month that Yuki Nakashima is replacing Endō as the voice actress of the Roselia band member Lisa Imai.

Source: Hibiku Yamamura Twitter account via Ota-Suke

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