Discotek's Sister Princess Release Has Missing Subtitles on 3 Episodes

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Company works on new disc with replacement plan

Discotek Media revealed on Thursday that its Blu-ray Disc home video release of the Sister Princess anime series suffered a manufacturing error that resulted in episodes 11-13 of the anime with missing subtitles. The company stated that it is working on a new disc that corrects the error, with plans to ship the replacement discs once they are ready.

Discotek plans to have Right Stuf automatically ship the fixed discs to customers once they are ready. The company asked those who purchased their discs from other vendors to email the company at [email protected] with their purchase information and address so that it can send a replacement disk.

Discotek released Sister Princess and Sister Princess: Re Pure on separate Blu-ray Disc sets on June 26. The first season has both English and Japanese audio tracks, while the second season is subtitle-only. Discotek describes the first series:

Wataru Minakami was at the top of his class in middle school and had a pretty comfy life in Tokyo. But, when he unexpectedly fails his only high school entrance exam because of a computer glitch, his life is suddenly thrown into utter chaos! Jeeves, Wataru's trusted butler, sends him off to attend school on a mysterious island. Upon his arrival, Wataru encounters many friendly, cute girls. This isn't a problem until he finds out they are all his sisters! For most kids, adjusting to life at a new school in a different town is tough enough. But for Wataru Minakami, high school will be the easy part!

The 26-episode Sister Princess anime debuted in 2001, and the 13-episode series Sister Princess: Re Pure debuted in 2002. ADV Films licensed and dubbed the first series, but not the second.

Thanks to kenno20081 for the news tip.

Source: Discotek Media's Facebook page

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