New Sensual Phrase Work Being Prepared by Manga Creator

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Separate from previously announced Spring 2019 band-training/romance game app

Manga creator Mayu Shinjo revealed at Saturday's production unveiling event for the Sensual Phrase (Kaikan Phrase) game app that she is also preparing an entirely new Sensual Phrase work. She announced the new work — which is separate from the previously announced game app — at the first of the event's two sessions. While she could not provide more details yet, she indicated that the new work would "feel like another stage."

Saturday's event in Tokyo also announced the game app's Sensual Phrase Climax ‐Next Generation- title and Spring 2019 release window. The game will include elements of the band training and romance adventure game genres. While the app will center around the Sensual Phrase storyline, it will also incorporate elements from Shinjo's other manga such as Love Celeb and Haou Airen.

The text script of the game's main story is 150,000 Japanese characters long, and the staff is recording voices for all dialogue. Some of the dialogue recording sessions used a "dummy head stereo microphone" recording system, so players will hear those lines of dialogue as if the characters are whispering them into the player's ears.

The game features the same cast members — Masaya Matsukaze, Kenichi Suzumura, Shinichiro Miki, Susumu Chiba, and Takahiro Sakurai — from the 1999-2000 television anime for the Lucifer band. It will also feature new bands with new voice actors, such as the F★light band:

The karaoke service DAM★Tomo is holding auditions for the heroine Miu Koharu's singing voice from October 1 to November 25.

The manga's romance story centers on female high school student and aspiring lyricist Aine Yukimura and Lucifer rock band vocalist Sakuya Ōkouchi. One day, Sakuya runs into Aine with his car. Sakuya gives her a pass to a performance that night, and she hears him perform her lyrics that she left behind after the accident. The two fall for each other but encounter many obstacles as their relationship develops.

Shinjo's original Sensual Phrase manga ran in Shogakukan's Sho-Comi (Shōjo Comic) magazine from 1997 to 2000, and Viz Media published it in North America. A television anime adaptation ran from 1999 to 2000, and the Lucifer visual-kei band was formed in real life specifically to perform theme songs for the anime. The band broke up in 2003 but reunited several times after the disbanding.

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