Live-Action Garo Series Kaminokiba -JINGA-'s Ads, Guest Cast Revealed

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Masako Umemiya, Riko Nagai, Riko Hasada, Kazuyuki Fujita, Takahiro Kuroishi, more join guest cast

The official YouTube channel of the Garo franchise began streaming two commercials for the Kaminokiba -JINGA- live-action series on Monday. The series will premiere on October 4 on Tokyo MX and BS11. The show will also premiere on Family Gekijou on October 7.

The official website for the GARO franchise also revealed the show's guest cast on Monday for the show's early episodes. Masako Umemiya will appear in "episode 00." Riko Nagai, Riko Hasada, and Oto Takeuchi will appear in the first episode. Kazuyuki Fujita and Takahiro Kuroishi will appear in the third episode. Hazuki Shimizu, Motoki Ochiai, and Saki Satō will appear in the fifth episode.

The show stars:

Masahiro Inoue as Jinga Mikage

Yūka Kōri as Fūsa

Sōshi Hagiwara as Tōma Mikage

Miyavi Matsunoi as Alva

Satomi Andō as Koyuri Mikage

Koh Takasugi as Rozan

Shigemitsu Ogi as Yōyū

Tōru Kazama as Mizuto Mikage

The show is a spinoff of the series focusing on Ryūga Dōgai, and centers around the character Jinga. The Garo: Kaminokiba live-action film, which focuses on Ryūga Dōgai, opened in Japan on January 6.

The previously announced Garo: Gekkō no Tabibito live-action film, which focuses on Raiga Saejima, will also open this year.

The first 25-episode live-action Garo series premiered in October 2005 and has spawned multiple live-action films and television series. The live-action Zero: Dragon Blood series, the newest television series in the franchise, premiered in January 2017.

Section23 Films' Kraken Releasing brand announced in October 2016 that it has licensed the original live-action Garo series. The company released the first 13 episodes on Blu-ray Disc last October, and it has since released various installments in the franchise. HIDIVE began streaming the original series in June 2017.

The Garo the Animation and Garo: Crimson Moon television anime aired in 2014 and 2015, respectively, and Funimation Entertainment streamed both series. Funimation has also released both series on home video. Garo: Divine Flame, a film sequel to Garo the Animation, opened in Japan in May 2016. The latest anime entry in the Garo franchise, Garo -Vanishing Line-, premiered last October. Crunchyroll streamed the series with English subtitles as it aired, and Funimation streamed the English dub.

Garo: Crimson Moon is getting an anime film, titled Usuzumizakura -Garo- (Gray Cherry Blossoms: Garo), which will premiere on October 6.

Sources: Garo franchise's official blog and YouTube channel

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