Gal Metal Game's Videos Reveal N. American, European Release Dates

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Game ships in N. America on October 30, in Europe on November 2

XSEED Games and Marvelous began streaming a trailer for their release of DMM Games' Gal Metal Nintendo Switch game on Thursday. The videos reveal the game's October 30 release date in North America and November 2 release in Europe. (Note: the two trailers below are the same except for the release date listing at the end.)

Marvelous Europe describes the game:

Planet Earth is on the brink of invasion after humanity ruined the peace and quiet of the universe with the broadcast of metal music on the Voyager probe's Golden Record. Aliens picked up the signal and couldn't stop headbanging, and now they're dying off because of it… so they want revenge!

A few rogue extraterrestrials make their way to the source of the music and abduct two high school students from the Tokyo suburb of Kichijoji: an unnamed boy, and a drummer named Rinko from an outrageous girls-only metal club. The aliens needed an emissary with whom to discuss the terms of their revenge, and felt either of these two would serve nicely. However, being unable to choose between them, the aliens simply decided to merge their souls into a single being!

Now, working together, the all-in-one pair must team up with the other members of K.M.G. (the Kichijoji Metal Girls) to rid the planet of these eight-tentacled extraterrestrials using the power of metal. It's time to rock these music-hating creeps all the way back to whatever planet they came from!

Tokyo Majin director Shuhou Imai directed and wrote the game, and manga artist Toshinao Aoki (Dragon Pilot: Hisone to Masotan) is credited with the character and comic illustrations. Tak Fujii supervised the project.

DMM Games shipped the game in Japan on February 2 as its first Switch title.

Sources: XSEED Games YouTube channel, Marvelous YouTube channel

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