Aniplex, Quatro A Reveal Touhou Cannonball Smartphone Game

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Game starring Akari Kitō as Reimu Hakurei, Minami Iinuma as Marisa Kirisame launches in 2019

Quatro A and Aniplex opened a website on Sunday to reveal that they are developing a new derivative game in Team Shanghai Alice's Touhou Project games titled Touhou Cannonball. The companies first announced the game at the "Hakurei Jinja Shūki Reitaisai" event on Sunday.

The smartphone game for iOS and Android devices will launch in 2019, and will play similar to a board game. The website is currently streaming a teaser video for the game, but the video is region-locked to Japan. Screenshots from the video are below.

The game will star Akari Kitō as Reimu Hakurei and Minami Iinuma as Marisa Kirisame. Quatro A is developing and managing the project, and Aniplex is in charge of planning.

Team Shanghai Alice released the first game in the series of "bullet hell" (danmaku) shooters, Highly Responsive to Prayers, in 1995 on the PC-98 platform. Since then, the Touhou Project series has spawned 15 other main games, multiple spin-offs, and many fan-made derivative works based on characters and stories from the series. Playism, NIS America, and XSEED have released some of the fan-made games based on the franchise.

ZUN reveled in April 2017 that he was developing the 16th main installment in the series titled Touhou: Hidden Star in Four Seasons (Tōhō Tenkūshō). Team Shanghai Alice released the game at the Summer Comiket (Comic Market) event in August 2017. The game also launched on Steam at the same time.

Sources: Touhou Cannonball game's website, MoCa News

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