Gungrave VR, Gungrave VR U.N Games' Launch Trailers Streamed

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PS VR games launched in Europe on Friday

Marvelous Games began streaming launch trailers for the Gungrave VR "cinematic action shooting game" and the Gungrave VR U.N standalone second episode for the game on Friday.

Marvelous USA subsidiary XSEED Games released Korean video game publisher Blueside and Korean developer Iggymob's Gungrave VR game for PlayStation VR in Europe on Friday. The digital versions of the games are available individually, and physical versions of the games are also available together in the GUNGRAVE VR: Loaded Coffin Edition set in Europe.

The physical and digital versions of the game will launch in North America on December 11.

The game is XSEED Games' first VR release, and the company describes the game:

Following the battle against the Orgmen—creatures transformed by the mysterious drug, SEED—Mika Asagi has tracked the manufacturing of the narcotic (along with a whole new Orgman infestation) to South City. With the city streets overrun by these newly formed creatures, Mika requests the assistance of Beyond the Grave (Grave, for short), waking him from 14 years of rest after his previous battle. She hopes for him to use his power to help rid the city streets of the Orgman threat and stop the flow of SEED once and for all.

The game goes beyond the story of Gungrave: Overdose, and is an optimized version of the original game for PlayStation VR. The game features infinite shooting, third-person "full-break action," and first-person "dynamic shooting." A PC version for use with Oculus, Vive, and other VR headsets was also planned.

The game shipped in Japan in December 2017 as a prequel to the developer's upcoming Gungrave G.O.R.E. PS4 game. Gungrave G.O.R.E. will launch in winter 2019.

Red Entertainment's original Gungrave game shipped for the PlayStation 2 in 2002. Ikusabune's Gungrave: Overdose sequel shipped for PlayStation 2 in 2004.

Source: Marvelous Games' YouTube channel

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