Masaru Miyazaki Launches New Tezuka Biographical Manga With Girls und Panzer Artist

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Takeshi Nogami draws story about people who produced Astro Boy anime

The first 2019 issue of Akita Shoten's Weekly Shōnen Champion magazine announced on Thursday that Takeshi Nogami (Girls und Panzer: Ribon no Musha) will launch the TV Anime Sōsaku Hika ~Tezuka Osamu to Anime o Tsukutta Wakamono-tachi~ (The Untold Story of the Creation of TV Anime: Osamu Tezuka and the Young People Who Created Anime) manga based on Masaru Miyazaki's original work in the eighth 2019 issue on January 24.

Nogami posted a picture from the announcement on Thursday (pictured middle in images below).

The non-fiction manga will tell the story of how Osamu Tezuka and a team of "reckless young people" took on the challenge of producing the first weekly television anime. Tezuka himself helmed the production of the 1963 Astro-Boy anime at his Mushi Production studio, and it became Japan's first half-hour animated series. The show pioneered animation techniques and production methods that gave rise to the earliest aesthetics and styles of television anime.

Miyazaki has written the stories for several biographical manga, including an earlier series about Tezuka and the creation of his famous manga Black Jack. That manga, Black Jack Sōsaku Hiwa ~Tezuka Osamu no Shigoto-ba Kara~ (The Untold Story: How Tezuka created his "Black Jack"), ended in 2014 after inspiring a live-action television special. Kōji Yoshimoto provided the art for the manga.

Source: Weekly Shōnen Champion issue 1

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