M&C! Licenses The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami Manga

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Manga based on NisiOisin mystery novel series about forgetful detective launched in 2015

Indonesian publisher M&C! announced on Sunday that it has licensed Yō Asami's manga adaptation of NisiOisin's Okitegami Kyōko no Bibōroku (The Notebook of Kyōko Okitegami) novels and will release it in Indonesia with the title The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami.

The original novel's story is about a detective named Kyōko Okitegami who is also known as the forgetful detective. She forgets everything in a day, but solves cases the same day. (Her name has the Japanese word for "today" in it.) An unlucky young man named Yakusuke Kakushidate somehow ends up as the suspect in every case, and he always asks for the detective.

Asami (MAOYU manga) launched the manga in Kodansha's Monthly Shonen Magazine in August 2015, and ended the "first season" of the manga in March 2017. Kodansha published the manga's fifth compiled book volume in April 2017.

The Okitegami Kyōko no Bibōroku novel debuted in both print and e-book editions in October 2014. The book features artwork by NisiOisin's Monogatari Series illustrator, VOfan. Kodansha published the 11th novel, titled Okitegami Kyōko no Jōshaken (The Ticket of Kyōko Okitegami), last October.

The novels also received a live-action television series adaptation that premiered on NTV in October 2015. Yui Aragaki (Digimon Savers, Ranma ½ live-action drama) and Masaki Okada (Mahō Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto) starred in the drama as Kyōko Okitegami and Yakusuke Kakushidate, respectively. GEM TV aired the series in Southeast Asia in 2016.

Source: M&C Facebook page via Kaori Nusantara

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