Angel Beats Anime Added to Netflix (Updated)

posted on by Andrew Osmond
Jun Maeda-written afterlife series available on platform

The series Angel Beats! is now available on Netflix here. The series involves teenage characters who have died in our world and now find themselves at a strange school in the afterlife. The main characters form a battle team and wage a war against Angel, a mysterious girl who apparently controls the school. The 13 TV episodes are available on Netflix, plus a comedic episode made for OAV. Only the Japanese version, with English subtitles, is available.

The series was written by Jun Maeda (writer on the Clannad and Kanon Visual Novels), and animated by P.A. Works.

Update: An earlier version of this article featured the title "Angel's Egg" in the headline instead of Angel Beats! The correct title on Netflix available now is Angel Beats! ANN apologizes for the error.

Via UK Anime News.

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