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Roundup of Newly Revealed Print Counts for Manga, Light Novel Series - January 2019

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins

Publishers will often reveal how many copies of a manga or light novel series volumes are in print. The following are print counts ANN has found recently, listed in order of how many volumes are available. The numbers are for Japan totals only unless otherwise specified.


Manga # of Copies in Print # of Volumes in Print Source
Skip Beat! 13 million 43 The Hana to Yume magazine's website (January 25)
Black Clover 7 million 22 (19 for main manga, 1 for spinoff manga, 2 novels) Comic Buster retail store's Twitter account (January 3)
Snow White with the Red Hair 5.4 million (includes digital sales) 20 Toda retail store's Twitter account (January 4)
Teasing Master Takagi-san manga franchise 6 million 17 (10 volumes for Teasing Master Takagi-san, four volumes for Karakai Jōzu no (Moto) Takagi-san, three volumes for Koi ni Koisuru Yukari-chan [all as of February 12]) Shogakukan's listing for Teasing Master Takagi-san volume 10 (accessed on January 30)
Darwin's Game 2.2 million 16 Bessatsu Shōnen Champion February issue (January 12)
Himitsu no Ai-chan 3.6 million 15 Premia Cheese! February issue (January 5)
The Rising of the Shield Hero (manga only) 1 million 15 (12 main manga volumes, 3 spinoff volumes) Kadokawa Anime's YouTube channel (January 9)
Hanebado! 1.7 million (includes digital sales) 14 Afternoon March issue (January 25)
Tomodachi Game 2.2 million 13 Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine February issue (January 9)
The Promised Neverland 8.8 million (worldwide) 12 Comic Buster retail store's Twitter account (January 3)
Kaguya-sama: Love is War 4 million (includes digital sales) 12 (13th volume out on January 18) Animate Times (January 5)
Sweetness & Lightning 2.9 million 12 (12th volume out on February 7) Amazon listing of manga's 12th volume (accessed on January 25)
The Prince's Black Poison 1.4 million 9 Manga's ninth volume (January 11)
Reincarnation no Kaben 1 million 8 (9th volume out on January 10) Mag Comi's Twitter account (January 5)
The Quintessential Quintuplets 2 million 7 Negi Haruba's Twitter account (January 16)
Kawaii Hito (by Ken Saitō) 650,000 6 Manga's sixth volume (January 4)
Chamberlain of the Azfareo 600,000 6 Manga's sixth volume (January 18)
Our Precious Conversations 700,000 5 Manga's fifth volume (January 11)
Jujutsu Kaisen 770,000 4 (including volume 0) Manga's Twitter account (February 1)
act-age 500,000 4 Weekly Shonen Jump combined issue 6-7 (January 7)
Tonikaku Kawaii 400,000 4 Kenjirō Hata's Twitter account (January 15)
Bakemonogatari manga only) 1 million 3 (4th volume out on January 17) Weekly Shōnen Magazine's Twitter account (January 9)
GIGANT 400,000 (includes digital sales) 2 Big Comic Superior fourth issue (January 25)

Additionally, the Sports Hochi newspaper reported on January 2 that all of Fujiko F. Fujio's (also known as Hiroshi Fujimoto) manga have a total approximate print count of 150 million copies in Japan. Fujio wrote the Doraemon manga together with Motoo Abiko under the penname Fujiko Fujio. Fujimoto passed away in 1996.

Light Novels

Novel Title # of Copies in Print # of Volumes in Print Source
Ninja Slayer (light novels and manga) 1.5 million 44 (20 novel volumes, 24 manga volumes across four series) Franchise's Twitter account (January 18)
Classroom of the Elite (light novels and manga) 2.5 million 21 (12 light novel volumes including volumes 4.5 and 7.5, 9 manga volumes across two series) Franchise's Twitter account (January 21)
Isekai Shihai no Skilltaker: Zero kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem (light novels and manga) 500,000 15 (9 novel volumes, 6 manga volumes) Toda retail store's Twitter account (January 9)

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