Over Drive Girl 1/6 - Amazing Stranger Anime Reveals More Cast, Song Artists, April 8 Debut

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The official website for the television anime of Öyster's Over Drive Girl 1/6 (Chōkadō Girl 1/6 - Amazing Stranger) manga revealed five new cast members, a new visual, theme song artists, and the April 8 premiere date for the anime on Friday.

The new cast members include (Note: Character name romanizations are not official.):

Kengo Kawanishi as Seijirō Kanmuri, Haruto's friend. While at first glance he looks cool, he is as stubborn an otaku as Haruto. Whenever the two meet, it results in long and heated arguments about otaku-related topics. He begins to have an interest in the moving figures, and attempts to uncover their secrets.

Risae Matsuda as Mikoto Bōida, a high school girl and Haruto's sister and confidante. She used to watch Shōjo⇒Wakusei Tansa (Girl⇒Planetary Probe) alongside her brother when she was little, and she likes the character Ozma. Like her brother, she has her own curiosities and fixations.

Sora Tokui as Kusabi, a teasing elf character that appears in the classic anime Joji no Tondemo Daibōken (Joji's Unbelievable Adventure). She is a moving figure that appeared before Kanmuri, and has the power to open the door to the world anime and games. She often cries with a noise that sounds like "Guhehe~"

Misa Fukamachi as Rindō, a popular character in the Striking Fist series of 2D fighting games. She is a top idol that has gained worldwide fame in fighting games. She holds a grudge towards Subaru, and believes that her dreams will be achieved by defeating her.

Yū Sasahara as Rū Hitoma, a character from the smartphone game Heiki Musume Wars (Weapon Girl Wars), and one of the moving figures. Her visual motif is based on the JSDF Type 10 tank, and as in the game, she is extremely pleased when she receives head pats. She feels enamored with Haruto, who spent ridiculous amounts of money on microtransactions on her, and she thus calls him with the affectionate nickname of "Commander Haru."

Previously announced cast members include:

Wataru Hatano as Haruto Bōida, a programmer and otaku who likes 2D characters over real girls. He likes watching anime and playing games. He likes the character Nona from the Shōjo⇒Wakusei Tansa (Girl⇒Planetary Probe) anime, but actually likes many other characters.

Suzuna Kinoshita as Nona, the heroine of the Shōjo⇒Wakusei Tansa anime. In the anime's story, she is a machine designed to explore other planets for life. Haruto bought a figure of the character, but it suddenly started moving one day. While she is 1/6 scale, she has all manner of future technology, as in her anime.

Sayaka Senbongi as Belenore, the protagonist of the Draglius Saga IV role-playing game, and like Nona, she is also a character that Haruto bought a figure for. In the game, she is a proud swordswoman who bears the duty to defeat the Demon King. She is a max level warrior who is obsessed about fighting.

M.A.O as Subaru Amanohara, a martial artist character from the Striking Fist III 2D fighting game, and another of Haruto's moving figures. She is considered a top-tier broken character in the game, and is thus very strong. In truth, she is actually an otaku, something she tries to keep secret. She has a complex over her small chest, and has earned the nickname of "cliff face" among fans.

Toshiyuki Morikawa as Ozma, Nona's support and information analysis robot that also appears in the Shōjo⇒Wakusei Tansa anime. It was included as part of Nona's figure, and started moving at the same time she did.

AŌP will perform the opening theme song "Soreyuke! Koigokoro" (Go Forth, Loving Heart!), while Haruka Tōjō will perform the ending theme song "ONE."

The anime will premiere on April 8 on Tokyo MX at 12:00 a.m. (effectively April 9).

Keitaro Motonaga is directing the anime at Studio A-Cat, and Chabo Higurashi is in charge of the series scripts. Hidekazu Ebina is designing the characters.

The romantic comedy story begins when Nona, a bishōjo character figure that the young male otaku office worker Haruto bought, suddenly comes to life, and begins moving and talking on her own. The slapstick romantic comedy centers on the daily lives of Haruto and Nona.

Öyster launched the original Over Drive Girl 1/6 manga in Futabasha's Comic High! magazine in 2012, and also serialized the manga in Futabasha's Monthly Action magazine in 2015. Futabasha published four compiled book volumes for Over Drive Girl 1/6.

The Over Drive Girls sequel began on the Nico Nico Seiga website in 2017. This sequel also began serializing in the November issue of Monthly Action last September. The manga's first compiled volume shipped last September.

Source: Over Drive Girl 1/6 anime's official website, Comic Natalie

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