Gundam Twilight Axis Novel's Manga Adaptation Ends

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Ark Performance/Koujirou Nakamura's original serialized novel ended in 2017

This year's March issue of Kodansha's Monthly Young Magazine announced on Wednesday that Azusa Makishima's manga adaptation of Ark Performance and Koujirou Nakamura's Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight AXIS novel will end in the next issue on March 20.

The manga launched in October 2017 and the second volume shipped on October 5. Ark Performance served as concept adviser.

Ark Performance (Arpeggio of Blue Steel) and Nakamura (Mobile Suit Gundam Climax U.C. - Tsumugareshi Kizuna manga, Arpeggio of Blue Steel - Ars Nova anime scripts) launched the novel in Yatate Bunko — Sunrise's light novel imprint — in November 2016. The Yatate Bunko site published the 20th and final chapter in December 2017. describes the story:

Late U.C. 0096. The Earth Federation government, regarding the existence of the "psycho-frame" as a threat, organizes the Mastema special forces team under the command of Lieutenant JG Mehmet Merca, a member of its intelligence bureau. The team is ordered to enter and investigate part of the shattered asteroid Axis, which is drifting in the Earth Sphere. The investigative team accompanying Mehmet includes two civilians named Arlette Almage and Danton Highleg, who were formerly an engineer and a test pilot with the Principality of Zeon and Neo Zeon.

While investigating a supposedly unoccupied facility within Axis, Mastema comes under attack from a new model of Gundam that belongs to a private militia called Birnam. Arlette and Danton fight back using a red Zaku III Custom, a mobile suit they once helped develop. As the fighting escalates, Arlette, following a secret agenda of her own, makes her way to the wreckage of the Sazabi that lies abandoned on the surface of Axis...

The novel inspired six-episode series of net anime shorts. The first episode debuted with English subtitles in June 2017. A compilation film screened alongside the d Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: Bandit Flower film in November and December 2017.

Source: Monthly Young Magazine February issue

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