NekoNyan Launches Kickstarter for Aokana Game, Reaches Goal

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Campaign funds physical release of English/Chinese localization for sprite visual novel

Video game localization company NekoNyan launch a Kickstarter campaign for the physical release of its English and Chinese release of sprite's Aokana visual novel on Tuesday. The campaign has already surpassed its 10,000-euro (US$11,230 goal). As of press time, the campaign has raised 28,218 euros (US$31,585).

The campaign has also reached its first stretch goal of 25,000 euros (about US$28,049) to add another shikishi (colored paper board). The campaign page lists a total of five stretch goals for additional shikishi, a shikishi storage case, and a mystery reward if the crowdfunding campaign reaches the final stretch goal of 70,000 euros (about US$78,536). The campaign will end on July 31.

Other backer rewards include a physical box release of the game, as well as posters, clear files, a fan book, a soundtrack, and other merchandise.

The release is based on the console version of the game. However, it will still include the adult content from the game's original PC version, while adding the additional scenes from the console version. The game will be playable on 2K resolution. NekoNyan is working with Hikari Field to localize the game in Chinese. The game is planned for release this summer.

Game developer sprite had stated in English last August that there will be an overseas version of the game. When NekoNyan announced the localization project, it noted that it plans to release an 18+ patch for the Steam version, and also plans to release a physical version of the game. The company added that the adult scenes will not be mosaic-free "because sprite doesn't want it."

NekoNyan describes the game:

In a world where flying through the sky is as simple as riding a bicycle, the sport "Flying Circus" is all the rage.

Following the discovery of anti-gravitons, special shoes that allow an individual to fly, Anti-Graviton Shoes, took the world by storm.
And with the Grav Shoes came an entire new world for people to explore. Not long after, that revolution in technology gave birth to a brand new sport, Flying Circus, which used the shoes to make players compete in the open sky.

Masaya Hinata, who was once considered a prodigy, turned his back on Flying Circus after suffering a crushing defeat, although there was also another reason...
However, his former passion is reignited while teaching the new transfer student, Asuka Kurashina, how to fly.

This time, Masaya chooses to enter the world of Flying Circus not as a player, but a coach. Sometimes fighting, and at other times encouraging each other, he and his team decide to challenge the top student athletes in Japan.

Now, with Asuka by his side, how high will he be able to fly?

This is a love story about those who met through the sky, as well as the friends who surround them.

sprite ceased operations at the end of March, with no concrete plans to resume operations.

sprite/fairys announced in May 2018 that it was dissolving the fairys brand, so AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Blue, which is copyrighted under sprite/fairys, would be copyrighted under sprite only. Smartphone game company FLEET announced in March 2018 that it was acquiring fairys, but the announcement is no longer available.

sprite/fairys released AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Blue on PC in November 2014, for PlayStation Vita in February 2016, for PlayStation 4 in January 2017, and for Nintendo Switch in March 2018. Most recently, sprite released all chapters of the game for iOS and Android last August. The first six chapters are available for free. The game received a television anime adaptation by GONZO that premiered in January 2016. Following the announcement of cessation of operations, sprite indefinitely halted development on Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Extra 2 and Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Zwei.

Thanks to Luis Delgado for the news tip.

Sources: Press release, NekoNyan's Aokana Kickstarter page

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