Live-Action Chō Shonen Tanteidan NEO -Beginning- Film Casts Hiroshi Kamiya

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Film based on Chō Shōnen Tantei-dan NEO franchise opens on October 25

The official website for Chō Shōnen Tantei-dan NEO -Beginning-, the live-action film for the Chō Shōnen Tantei-dan NEO franchise, revealed on Thursday that voice actor Hiroshi Kamiya (Attack on Titan's Levi, Monogatari Series' Araragi, Osomatsu-san's Choromatsu) will join the live-action film's cast as the voice of The Fiend With Twenty Faces. The film's website is also streaming a new trailer that features Kamiya's voice.

Yoshitaka Amano drew the design for the show's villain the Fiend With Twenty Faces.

The film will open on October 25. The publisher Poplar announced the film earlier this year in January. The film stars Mahiro Takasugi, Gaku Sano, Mayu Hotta, Kōki Osamura, Mizuki Itagaki, Oshirō Maeda, Jiro Sato, and Tomomi Maruyama.

Shintarō Ashizuka is directing the film, and also co-writes the script alongside Deko Akao. The group "a crowd of rebellion" performs the films' theme song "Calling," and the band's guitarist Baku Maruyama is also composing the film's music.

The first part of the Chō Shōnen Tantei-dan NEO Project is DLE's television anime, which premiered in January 2017. The anime is set a century in the future in 2117 in Tokyo. The battles between the detective Kogorō Akechi and The Fiend With Twenty Faces from the original novels have now lasted through seven generations.

Shōnen Tantei-dan (The Boy Detectives Club) is the title of both the 1937 novel by renowned Japanese mystery novelist Edogawa Rampo (Rampo Edogawa), and the title of a series of Edogawa novels. (The aforementioned titular novel is actually the second in the series; the first was 1936's The Fiend With Twenty Faces.) The character of Yoshio Kobayashi appears in many of the novels as the young leader of the club. Kobayashi is the top apprentice of Kogorō Akechi — Japan's greatest detective and another character created by Edogawa.

Edogawa's novels have inspired numerous live-action and animated adaptations, and elements and references to his stories appear in even more works. 2015's Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace television anime adapts many of Edogawa's stories, and 2016's Trickster: Edogawa Rampo 'Shōnen Tantei-dan' Yori anime series also draws inspiration from The Boy Detectives Club novel series.

Poplar began republishing the novel volumes in 1964, and the series has sold 16.6 million copies. Poplar and DLE announced the Chō Shōnen Tantei-dan NEO Project in February 2016. The project's main story moves the setting to the present day with plans for a live-action series, events, books, and more.

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