Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade Home Release Listed for October 28

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AllTheAnime website lists Collectors Blu-ray/DVD and standard DVD

Anime UK News reports that Anime Limited's AllTheAnime website is listing a new home release of Production I.G's 1998 film Jin-Roh - The Wolf Brigade on October 28, as a Collector's Blu-ray/DVD and a standard DVD.

Both editions will contain on-disc extras including interviews with Mamoru Oshii (story and screenplay), Hiroyuki Okiura (director), Hajime Mizoguchi (Music) and Hiromasa Ogura (Art Director)

The Collector's Blu-ray/DVD will also contain a 48-page booklet containing articles translated from Japanese, a further interview with Hiroyuki Okiura, a gallery and production sketches.

The film takes place in an alternate history of Japan, where a Special Forces team is tasked with preserving peace in Japan during a time of civil unrest. Special Forces member Kazuki Fuse witnesses a suicide bombing by a young girl, and is forced to undergo retraining within the unit. Anime Limited describes the film as follows:

"In an imagined alternate history of 1950s Japan, Kazuki Fuse works as a member of a special police unit in the midst of riots and social disorder that plague the totalitarian society he serves. Bearing witness to the horrific suicide of a young girl in the midst of a police operation, Fuse is haunted by what he's seen - a mental burden which sees him sent for re-evaluation by the police force for his inaction in the line of duty.

"As he struggles to come to terms with the horrors he's witnessed, Fuse meets the sister of the girl whose life he saw snuffed out before him, bringing about an unlikely friendship that leaves him questioning not only what is right, but also the reality he sees before him. However, nothing here is quite what it seems, and he finds himself thrust into the midst of danger and conspiracy at every turn as events brought about by powerful forces spiral out of control around him."

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