TAGRO Ends Betsushiki Manga, Reveals New 1-Shot for Hen Zemi Manga

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Hen Zemi/Abnormal Physiology Seminar manga inspired 2 anime DVDs, TV anime

The November issue of Kodansha's Morning two magazine published the final chapter of TAGRO's Betsushiki manga on Friday. The magazine's October issue had teased that the manga would reach its climax in the November issue. The manga's fifth and final volume will ship on November 22.

The anachronistic girls' comedy manga is set in the Edo period, and centers on a betsushiki (a female weapon master who trains women in the feudal lord's harem) named Rui Sasaki, who is herself searching for a husband, ideally someone weaker than her, but still handsome. She meets other betsushiki with distinct personalities, listens to stories about married life, attends mixers, goes to Comiket, and experiences farewells.

TAGRO launched the manga in Morning two in July 2016.

Morning two also announced that TAGRO is writing a new one-shot chapter for the Hen Zemi (Abnormal Physiology Seminar) manga. Kodansha will publish the chapter in the January 2020 issue of the magazine on November 22.

TAGRO launched the Abnormal Physiology Seminar manga in Morning two in 2006 and ended the manga in June 2015. Kodansha published 11 volumes for the manga. The manga was actually a remake of part of TAGRO's earlier Hentai Seiri Seminar title, for which "Hen Semi" is a Japanese abbreviation. The manga inspired two anime DVDs and a television anime series.

In the comedy story, Nanako Matsutaka has been assigned to the Abnormal Physiology Seminar, even though she is a rather ordinary person with no abnormalities in particular. On the other hand, her classmates, including the college upperclassman Komugi Musashi, have just about every abnormal condition to speak of.

Source: Morning two November issue

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