Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate Game's Action Video Highlights Hades

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Game launches for PS4, Switch in Japan on December 19, also for Switch, Xbox One, PC in the West in February

KOEI Tecmo Games began streaming a new action video on Thursday for it and Omega Force's Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate (Musou Orochi 3 Ultimate) game. The video highlights the new character Hades.

The game will launch for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC via Steam in both North America and Europe on February 14. The game will launch in Japan on December 19 for PS4 and Switch. The game will be available as a standalone title and also as an upgrade for the Warriors Orochi 4 game.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate is an expanded version of KOEI Tecmo's Warriors Orochi 4 (Musou Orochi 3) game. Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate is set in a different dimension created by the god of Olympus, Zeus. The game has more than 170 characters, a new story about a battle that centers on the new character Gaia, and side scenarios that complete stories that the original game did not tell. A new "Infinite Mode" lets players fight strong enemies, and the game also features the new challenge modes "Godspeed" and "Destruction." New sacred treasures appear, and players can switch characters' fixed sacred treasures. "Musou Switch Combo" is a new cooperative technique that connects allies' Musou Attacks.

Sources: KOEI Tecmo Games' YouTube channel, MoCa News

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