Purely Monster Member Miki Kariya Leaves Idol Group

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Group has performed songs for A Centaur's Life, My Sister, My Writer anime

The official website for the idol unit Purely Monster announced on Saturday that Miki Kariya is leaving the group. Staff members met with Kariya before reaching the decision.

Kariya explained in a personal message in the announcement that her main reason for leaving the group is related to injuring muscles in her left thigh at the end of May. She thought that she had made a full recovery, and initially continued her idol activities while undergoing rehabilitation. However, she experienced a recurrence in August. Kariya is now recuperating at home and has regular medical exams.

Kariya noted that fans have been waiting for her return to her idol activities, but even participating only in special events has become difficult and mentally taxing for her. Kariya does not know when her leg will fully heal, and she has developed anxiety related to her condition. Going forward, she plans to focus on recovering her mental and physical health.

Purely Monster performed the opening theme song "Oshiete Darwin" (Tell Me, Darwin) for A Centaur's Life. The group also performed the opening theme song "Secret Story" for My Sister, My Writer.

Sources: Purely Monster's website, Miki Kariya's Twitter account

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