Takeshi Nogami's Shidenkai no Maki Approaches Climax

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Manga about high school aerial combat launched in 2013

The January issue of Akita Shoten's Champion RED magazine revealed on Tuesday that Takeshi Nogami's Shidenkai no Maki is "approaching its climax."

The manga is set in a world where high school students commute to school in aircraft, and schools have turf wars over each others' airspace. A girl named Maki Hagoromo meets a talking plane, a Kawanishi N1K-J Shidenkai, and she takes to the skies.

Nogami launched the manga in Champion RED in August 2013. Akita Shoten published the manga's 14th compiled book volume on September 20.

Nogami assisted with original character designs for the Girls und Panzer anime franchise, and is also drawing the Girls und Panzer: Ribon no Musha spinoff manga. He has worked on character designs for the High School Fleet anime. He designed the "Third Aerial Girls Squad" for the Shirobako anime, and also drew a manga for a show within the show. (Within the story of the Shirobaki anime, a character named "Takezo Nogame" who bears a resemblance to Nogami is the original creator of the "Third Aerial Girls Squad.") His other manga include Sailor-fuku to Jūsensha and Zerokan of the Moonlight Lua. He drew the art for Anastasia Moreno's Marine Corps Yumi manga, which was also released in English. His original dōjinshi series The Azure Century Chronicles has an English release.

Sources: Shidenkai no Maki Twitter account

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