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Irodori Comics Launches Non-Erotic Dōjinshi Label With 4 Manga

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Works by Hiroyuki, Yoimachi Meme, Yuuki Satou debut digitally on December 14

Japanese dōjinshi publisher Irodori Comics announced on Sunday that it will launch the IRODORI Aqua label for non-erotic manga on December 14. The first four digital titles released under the label will be Hiroyuki's "Two-Timing Fair and Square" and "Of Girls, Love, and Money," Yoimachi Meme's "Raincoat Kids and the Splish-Splash City," and Yūki Satō's "Love Letter for My Love Then and Now." After debuting digitally on Amazon Kindle Books on December 14, the manga will launch on Comixology in early 2020.

IRODORI Aqua plans to release at least one new work digitally every week on Amazon. The label plans to release titles by creators including Hiroyuki, Yamato Nadeshiko, Yano Toshinori, Yoimachi Meme, and Yūki Satō.

IRODORI Aqua describes "Two-Timing Fair and Square":

Naoya just got confessed to by a cute girl -- only problem is that he already has a girlfriend. His solution? To ask for his girlfriend's permission to two-time on her. From the creator of "Aho Girl" comes this silly, light hearted romance comedy about an open relationship characterized by passionate shouting, outlandish reasoning, and, in the end, adorable submission to all things cute!

IRODORI Aqua describes "Of Girls, Love, and Money":

The practice of "giving financial support in a relationship" is common in Japan among older men and younger women... but between two girls in high school!?

Witness the silly shenanigans of Sachiko as she finds all manner of ways to milk as much money out of her girlfriend, Miho, as possible!

Hiroyuki's Aho Girl, The Comic Artist and His Assistants, and Doujin Work manga have all inspired television anime. Media Blasters released the Doujin Work manga, and Kodansha Comics released the Aho Girl manga in English. AnimeWorks and Media Blasters released the Doujin Work anime on DVD, and Sentai Filmworks released The Comic Artist and His Assistants on Blu-ray Disc and DVD.

IRODORI Aqua describes "Raincoat Kids: and The Splish-Splash City":

A cryptic message scratched on to the bottom of a lantern powered by mystical fireflies; a world of constant rain, and cities submerged in ever-changing tides; as dark forces linger in the murky waters, a warrior of light banishes the dark with his light-infused umbrella.

Raincoat Kids is a tour-de-force, coming-of-age story set in a post-apocalyptic water world, where protagonist Minato Aikawa must take his younger sister, Shizu, to meet with their father. Joining them is self-proclaimed bodyguard Toka, who brandishes an umbrella that he claims is the "ultimate weapon". The abstract world of Raincoat Kids is brought to you by Yoimachi Meme, and is illustrated with traditional, pen-and-paper illustrations without the use of digital touch-ups.

IRODORI Aqua describes "Love Letter for my Love Then and Now":

Kazuya Kawaguchi has always had a crush on Miki Toda since elementary school, but every time he tries to give her a love letter to confess his feelings, he ends up turning away in fear. Several years later, the two meet at an alumni homecoming. Much to his dismay, Kazuya discovers that Miki doesn't remember who he is, and so puts up an act to hide the fact that the revelation has affected him so. Meanwhile, Miki garners a vague recollection of Kazuya, and so begins feeling similarly dismayed at the fact that he seemingly doesn't remember who she is, either. But just when Miki thinks the night will end in sheer frustration, Kazuya builds the courage to ask her out on a date. And so begins the awkwardly cute love story of these two incidental lovers, where everything started with a stack of undelivered love letters well over a decade overdue.

Source: Press release

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