Digital Manga Inc. Updates Timelines for Kodomo no Jikan, Delico Psyche Kickstarter Campaigns

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Company pushes Kodomo no Jikan campaign back to fulfill Wonder 3 campaign first

Digital Manga Inc. posted updates on Friday for its Kickstarter campaigns for Kaworu Watashiya's Kodomo no Jikan ~ A Child's Time manga and four boys-love manga by Delico Psyche.

The company explained that the original planned order for fulfillment for its three remaining Kickstarter campaigns was for Kodomo no Jikan, then Wonder 3, then Delico Psyche. However, due to a change in licensing agreement with Tezuka Productions over Osamu Tezuka's Wonder 3 manga, Digital Manga Inc. will now fulfill the Wonder 3 campaign first.

Digital Manga Inc. stated it is working on producing the merchandise for the Kodomo no Jikan campaign, and will start shipping out those merchandise rewards once they arrive. The company will then work on printing physical books after the Wonder 3 campaign is fulfilled.

In regard to the Delico Psyche campaign, the company will also still work on sending out rewards that are not books first, tentatively starting around the end of the second quarter 2020.

The Digital Manga Inc. representative who posted the updates to the two campaigns offered this explanation for the overall delay of all three of its campaigns:

And for the sake of transparency, DMI was overly-ambitious with trying to fulfill several campaigns at the same time. Originally, each campaign was run by their own dedicated managers and we were a bigger team overall. However, now we're a handful of employees trying our best to get these campaigns fulfilled while still working on other responsibilities. I don't want this to be interpreted as an excuse but instead, as a glimpse into the reality of the situation.

The Kickstarter campaign for Kodomo no Jikan ended in July 2016 after raising US$185,725. The campaign has since sent out all digital book rewards to backers, but Digital Manga Inc. has not yet shipped any physical rewards including the print books.

The Kickstarter campaign to release four Delico Psyche manga in print ended in May 2017 after raising US$66,752. The titles up for print are The Rest is a Love Thing?! (Nokorimono ni wa Ai ga Aru!?), Eroman: Paper, Pen, Sex (Ero man - kami to pen to SEX to!!), and two volumes of Pure Love's Sexy Time (Jun Ai Ero Ki). Juné, an imprint of Digital Manga Inc., previously published the titles digitally.

Digital Manga Inc. had announced last month that it is cancelling publication of the planned seven bonus manga that it originally announced it would publish alongside the release of Wonder 3, after Tezuka Productions denied production on those books. The publisher will still publish Wonder 3 in an omnibus format. The company stated it is ready to continue with producing the physical version of the manga, and plans to ship it out by the end of the first quarter of 2020. Digital Manga Inc. launched the Kickstarter campaign for Wonder 3 in March 2017, and the campaign ended in April 2017 after raising US$82,137.

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