Taito Releases Touhou Spell Bubble Puzzle Game on Switch in February

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Bubble-shooting rhythm game features new songs, popular characters

Taito announced on Thursday that it will release the Touhou Spell Bubble game digitally for the Nintendo Switch in Japan in February. The all-new rhythm puzzle game will feature popular songs from ZUN's Touhou Project franchise. The game is officially licensed, but it will not be canon to the Touhou universe.

The bubble-shooting game will feature Touhou Project characters such as Reimu Hakurei (voiced by Ayaka Suwa) and Marisa Kirisame (voiced by Naomi Ōzora). In addition to popular existing songs, artists such as IOSYS and Yuuhei Satellite are offering new songs. Taito's sound team ZUNTATA is providing the game's background music and arranged music. Fuzichoco and other well-known illustrators are contributing character illustrations, and popular voice actors are playing the 20 revealed characters.

Good Smile Company and NextNinja are also developing the Touhou LostWord smartphone role-playing game, which is slated to launch for iOS and Android devices this winter in Japan.

Sources: Touhou Spell Bubble's website, Game Spark (吉河卓人)

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