Manga Planet, futekiya Manga Services Announce Licenses for Spring 2020

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Titles include Seikimatsu Blue, Vienna Connection, First Love Signal (Sou x Akira Story), The Incubus' Pet Slave

Fantasista, Inc.'s Manga Planet and futekiya manga subscription services both announced new licenses. Manga Planet announced on Monday that it will launch the following titles from Wani Books Co., Ltd. in May 2020:

  • Seikimatsu Blue by Shintaro Hirota
  • Vienna Connection by Rie Takase
  • Sweeper! -Seikatsu Kaizenhen- by ZECO
  • Ikukoi!! Kazari to Eri no Houkago★Ikokugohan by minimaru
  • Ryuuguuchou wa Umi no Soko by Meme Yoimachi
  • Mimiyori Harmonia by wadapen
  • Tasukete Maou-sama by Futago Minaduki
  • Melon Cream Soda by Aya Kadoi

Filipino idol group MNL48 members Abby Trinidad, Brei Binuya, Coleen Trinidad, and Kaede "Kay" Ishiyama are starring in a live-action film adaptation of Seikimatsu Blue. Tetsuya Hashi, who previously directed the music video for the MNL48 song "Talulot ng Sakura," is directing the film. The film is slated to open in Japan this year.

Boys Love manga subscription service futekiya announced on Friday that it will launch the following novels from Parsola, Inc. in March 2020:

Title: First Love Signal (Sou x Akira Story)
Creators: Yukio Yugi (story), Kasui (art)
Summary: This first novelization of the mega-popular app game First Love Story (Hatsukoi Signal) explores the route between a wicked high schooler and his lethargic classmate outside the game!

Second-year high school student Sou Kagaya appears to be a charismatic kid on the surface, but is actually shrewd and calculating on the inside. His life changes when he meets Asahi Nagamine, who lives at his own pace without caring about what people think. What challenges are in store for this mismatched couple's first love?

Title: The Incubus' Pet Slave
Creators: Tohko Senjyo (story), nira (art)
Summary: Reiki is your run-of-the-mill company employee. Little does he know, his high-quality body fluids are exactly what incubi want. Incubus King Klesis, considered the strongest among his kind l, takes a liking to Reiki and kidnaps him. Even with his body restrained, his freedom snatched away, and his heart violently fighting against his captor, Reiki's body gradually begins to accept the pleasure in his pain... A messy inhuman fantasy between a beautiful, narcissistic, sadistic incubus and a strong-willed tsundere human with the worst luck.

Title: My Boss is a Yapping, Mean-Spirited Fox Spirit
Creators: Nao Yurino (story), Hinako Niwatori (art)
Summary: Ibuki, a child of a fox spirit and a human, is despised by his fox spirit relatives due to his parentage. However, Ibuki's own fox spirit abilities awaken at the age of 13 upon the death of his father, giving him close to godlike powers. To escape those who want to use his powers for devious purposes, Ibuki seals his powers away and hides in plain sight as the personal assistant of Tadatsugu, the next head of the Kuki family, the strongest of all fox spirit families.

Now that Ibuki's been put in the sights of those scheming to use him for their own devious purposes, he seals his Despite Tadatsugu's extremely intimate body touches, Ibuki works hard to be good at his job. But what happens when a god of death from Ibuki's family tracks him down? How much longer can Ibuki run from those who want his power?

Title: Officer Newlywed
Creators: Mato Miduki (story), Mio (art)
Summary: In this solemn wedding ceremony, two people vow to be together for better and for worse... Chihiro, one of the sharpest members of the Metropolitan Police Department, and Junichiro, the head of the noble house and member of the House of Councillors Sanjo family, cap off their third month of dating with a hot and heavy wedding night! Just as they're about to reach the climax of their happiness, a murder occurs in their hotel. With Junichiro as a suspect, can Chihiro find the real culprit and prove his beloved husband's innocence? A hot and heavy erotic mystery!

Title: My Own Personal Direct Sales Agent
Creators: Hiro Mizusawa (story), Shou Kozakura (art)
Summary: Gloomy young programmer Minato falls for Todo, the ace of Yotsukoshi Department Store's direct sales department and goes at him at full throttle. Moved by Minato's passionate persistence, Todo finds becoming fonder of Minato ... only to see Minato cozying up with the department store's president at their anniversary party!? What will happen to this earnest first love between an elite sales agent who trusts no one and a prodigal son of a rich family?

The first chapters of the manga will be available for free. The services noted that the English titles for some of the works may change.

Manga Planet launched on November 18, and futekiya launched last July. Both services cost US$6.99 per month and allow users unlimited access to English-translated manga. In addition to manga licensed from publishers, the services offer works licensed from independent artists.

Manga Planet is also working with publishers LEED Publishing Co., Ltd., Bunkasha Publishing Co., Ltd.; Kaiohsha Publishing Co., Ltd.; San-Ei Corporation Co., Ltd.; Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.; Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd.; Home-sha, Starts Publishing Corporation, K.K. HarperCollins Japan, and MugenUp Inc.

Manga Planet started as a joint project between Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. and Fantasista, Inc. in 2012. The companies' goal with Manga Planet is to "[bring] new manga to fans from all over the world and support artists and the industry."

Disclosure: futekiya's Editor-in-Chief, Emma Hanashiro, worked at ANN as a news intern in 2014.

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