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New U.S. Manga Publisher Kaiten Books Announces License of Loner Life in Another World, 'Shed that Skin, Ryugasaki-san!' Manga

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Loner Life in Another World debuts digitally on Amazon on March 31

The new California-based manga localizing and publishing company Kaiten Books announced its first two licenses on Friday. The company has licensed Shoji Goji and Bibi's Loner Life in Another World (Hitoribotchi no Isekai Kōryaku) manga and Kazutomo Ichitomo's Shed that Skin, Ryugasaki-san! (Mukasete! Ryugasakisan) manga.

The company will release the first volume of Loner Life in Another World digitally on March 31 on Amazon, with a print version also planned. Kaiten Books describes the manga:

Haruka is just your average high school loner, minding his own business and keeping to himself as he makes it through his high school career, until one day—he's suddenly sent to another world alongside the rest of his class!
Before he knows it, he's face-to-face with the god of this new world, who presents him with a list of cheat skills to choose from…but there's a catch. It's first come first served, and his classmates have already beaten him to the punch.
Haruka has to make do with what he can get as he navigates his way through this brave new world, all while flying solo!

Bibi launched the manga based on Goji's light novel series on Overlap's Comic Gardo site in January 2019. Overlap published the manga's second volume on February 25. The company published the light novel's third volume on February 25.

Kaiten Books has not yet announced a debut date for Shed that Skin, Ryugasaki-san!. The company describes the series:

Ryugasaki-san is a lizardgirl. Her tongue is like that of a chameleon's, her hands are like that of a gecko's, and she even has a third eyelid!
Due to her unique biological makeup, she sheds her skin multiple times a year. This wouldn't ordinarily be an issue, but she suddenly finds herself (or rather, her skin) the target of a classmate's affections.
The peculiar Yugami-kun has a particular interest in reptiles, and Ryugasaki-san's unique physiological features have caught his inquisitive, meticulous eye. Thus begins the story of a budding romance between two very unusual individuals. With a bit of luck, Ryugasaki-san can show the hapless Yugami-kun that there's more to her than her reptilian anatomy!

Ichitomo launched the manga on the Comic Gardo site in February 2019. Overlap published the first volume on May 25.

Thanks to Shiro and Kim P. for the news tip.

Source: Kaiten Books' website and Twitter account

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