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Anime Tamago 2020 Shorts Stream Online for Free in Japan (Updated)

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
3 shorts for this year's project stream until April 30

Update: The linked shorts seem to be only viewable in Japan. ANN's original article is below.

The Anime Tamago project's website began streaming all three anime in the Anime Tamago 2020 slate on Friday. The three anime are streaming in one video, as part of an overall two-hour video that also includes roundtable talks with guests. The three anime start at 18:00, 1:00:05, and 1:44:45 in the above-linked video. The video will be available until April 30.

The three anime were planned to screen for the public on March 14, but that event was cancelled due to concerns about the COVID-19 coronavirus illness.

This year's anime works for the project are as follows:

Title: Ometeotl≠HERO
Studio: Speed
Director / CG Director: Jun Awazu (Negadon: The Monster from Mars, Planzet)

Summary: In the year 22XX, due to the drastic decrease in the human population, the government starts accepting races from other allied planets. As a result of genetic mixing, new species are born with special powers. A young man named Yuuki learns on his 18th birthday that while his father is a member of the "hero" tribe, his mother is a member of a tribe of beings who can manipulate plants who were supposedly wiped out due to the accelerated mechanization of the planet. As a result, Yuuki holds powers of both tribes, but he questions which side he should help with his powers.

Title: The Chronicles of Rebecca
Studio: Vega Entertainment
Director: Yukiyo Teramoto (Mysterious Joker all four seasons)

Summary: Rebecca is a 10-year-old cheerful and energetic girl who is the second of seven children. She lives in a rural town in Maine in the United States at the end of the 19th century. After her father dies, her family descends into poverty, and Rebecca unwillingly goes to live with her aunts Miranda and Jane. Rebecca loves her kind aunt Jane dearly, but her aunt Miranda is naggy and strict.

Title: Michiru Rescue!
Studio: Yumeta Company
Director: Kōjin Ochi (Detective Conan, La Corda D'Oro - primo passo, Samurai Warriors)

Summary: Four glowing orbs of different color fly through space, chasing after a dark red orb. After a fierce battle, only the blue orb falls to earth, into the room where Michiru is sleeping. But the dark red orb also appears on earth. The orb changes shape into the form of a boy, and starts to illegally raise Mejiro birds. Later, Michiru is at a flea market in a park, when a large flock of Mejiro birds cover the sky, and start attacking people. The yellow, silver, and purple orbs show up and almost manage to calm down the Mejiro, but violence is about to break out again. At that moment, Michiru hears a voice inside her head asking her to save the Mejiro.

The anime shorts train young animators on-the-job as part of the Japanese government's Agency of Cultural Affairs' "Young Animator Training Project." The project was previously known as "Anime Mirai."

The Japanese government's Agency of Cultural Affairs launched its "Young Animator Training Project" in 2010 with the aim of fostering the growth of domestic animation studios, and tackling the concern that more of the Japanese animation process is being outsourced overseas. The project has spawned such works as Little Witch Academia, Death Billiards (which inspired the Death Parade television anime), and Ongaku Shōjo.

Sources: Anime Tamago's website, Animation Business Journal (Tadashi Sudo)

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