Production I.G, Avex's Cinema Lab Reveals Beautiful Dreamer Live-Action Film

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Psycho-Pass' Katsuyuki Konishi directs film about university filmmaking group

Anime studio Production I.G and video and music conglomerate Avex's Cinema Lab live-action film label announced Beautiful Dreamer on Wednesday as its first film project, which will open in Japan on November 6. Katsuyuki Motohiro is directing the film. In addition, Cinema Lab added directors Kazuya Konaka (Ultraman series) and Shinichirō Ueda (One Cut of the Dead) as members, joining founding members Mamoru Oshii and Konishi.

The film centers around the fictional university filmmaking circle "Sensho Design University Film Research Group," and their attempt to make a student film. The film's official website is a mock homepage for the circle, including a list of "alumni" of the group, which includes the Cinema Lab directors, Production I.G staff, and other frequent collaborators.

Sara Ogawa is starring in the film as Sara, leader of the filmmaking circle. Fuju Kamio is playing Kamio, a cameraman who supports Sara. Kanro Morita is playing Morita, the assistant director who also takes care of tedious matters. Riko Fujitani is playing the producer Riko, while Shieri Hiro is playing makeup artist Shieri. Masafumi Uchida is playing sound recorder Uchida. Takumi Saitou is playing Takumi, an alumnus and former member who still supports the circle. Sayaka Akimoto is playing Sayaka, who contributes to the project with her superb acting. Actors Akapen Takigawa and Takeshi Masu are playing themselves in the film.

Motohiro is perhaps best known in anime as the chief director for the first two Psycho-Pass series and the franchise's 2015 film. He is also the chief director of Atom: The Beginning, Human Lost, and the FLCL Progressive and FLCL Alternative projects. He directed the live-action film adaptations of Ajin: Demi-Human and Laughing Under the Clouds, as well as the Human Lost CG anime film.

The Cinema Lab label's concept is to produce works from top creators who release many masterpiece works. The label hopes to produce films that can compete in terms of quality and world building.

Sources:, Gadget Tsūshin

Update: Katsuyuki Motohiro's name corrected. Thanks, MFrontier

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