DOLL Creator Mitsukazu Mihara to End Dokuhime no Hitsugi Manga in October

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Dokuhime sequel manga launched in 2017

Mitsukazu Mihara's Dokuhime no Hitsugi (The Poison Princess' Coffin) manga will end in the November issue of Asahi Shimbun Publications' Nemuki+ magazine on October 13. The September issue of the magazine confirmed the ending of the manga on Wednesday.

The manga's first compiled book volume had announced on June 19 that the manga will end with its second volume later this year.

The manga is a sequel to Mihara's earlier Dokuhime (The Poison Princess) manga. The original manga is a gothic fantasy about a woman who, after ingesting trace amounts of poison from a young age, has had her own bodily fluids become poisonous.

Mihara launched the sequel manga in Asahi Shimbun Publications' Nemuki+ magazine in April 2017. Mihara ended the original Dokuhime manga in 2012. Asahi Shimbun Publications published five volumes for the manga.

Tokyopop released six of Mihara's manga titles — DOLL, Haunted House, Beautiful People, The Embalmer, R.I.P. - Requiem in Phonybrian, and IC in a Sunflower — before closing its publishing operations in 2011. Mihara's The Embalmer manga spawned a live-action television series in 2007. The manga ended in 2013 after a 3-year hiatus.

Source: Nemuki+ September issue

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