Crunchyroll Adds Cardfight!! Vanguard Extra Story -if- Anime

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Simulcast started with episode 13 on Friday, anime available worldwide outside of Japan

Crunchyroll announced on Friday that it has added the newest anime series in the Bushiroad's Cardfight!! Vanguard franchise titled Cardfight!! Vanguard Extra Story -if- (Cardfight!! Vanguard Gaiden if). The simulcast started with episode 13 streaming on Friday at 7:40 p.m. EDT, and the first 12 episodes are also available. The show is available on Crunchyroll worldwide except for Japan

Crunchyroll describes the anime:

Kouji Ibuki is a Vanguard Fighter.
One day, Ibuki was called out to the Tatsunagi residence, when he was suddenly transported to the ‘if’ world.
But the ‘if’ world has a distorted history, where cardfighting doesn't exist!?

In the ‘if’ world, Ibuki met with some mysterious girls.
The magical girl Emi Sendou, and the fairy of the cards Shuka.
They are the ‘Blaster Pair’ that summons units from cards in their battle against the evil minions of Jammer!

And so the quartet of Ibuki, Emi, Shuka and Suiko Tatsunagi who was caught up in the situation, begin their journey to recover the true history.

The anime premiered TV Aichi and TV Tokyo on May 30 at 8:00 a.m. The anime's staff previously delayed the show from its original April 11 premiere to April 25 due to the effects of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19), and the staff later delayed the show again to May.

Bushiroad and Akira Itō are credited with the original work. Takaaki Kidani is credited as the executive producer and with the original story. Itsuro Kawasaki is directing the anime and is also credited for composition. Satoshi Isono is designing the characters. OLM is animating the show.

Bushiroad announced the anime on January 22. The anime explores an alternate universe to the main series. The story focuses on Kōji Ibuki (an antagonist in the Gekijōban Cardfight!! Vanguard series) and Suiko Tatsunagi. Aichi's sister Emi Sendō also appears in the story, as does the new character Shuka.

The BanG Dream! franchise's all-male band Argonavis perform the opening theme song "What-if Wonderland!!," and Peaky P-key, one of the D4DJ franchise's in-story groups, perform the ending theme song "Gonna be right."

Source: Crunchyroll (Joseph Luster)

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