TorrentFreak: MPA Lawyers Send Letters to Alleged Nyaa Site Personnel to Shut Site Down

posted on by Adriana Hazra
MPA requests financial settlement, handover of domain

The TorrentFreak website reported on Wednesday that the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPA) delivered cease-and-desist letters to individuals in North America, Europe, and Australia in September who are allegedly in association with the Nyaa torrent website.

According to TorrentFreak's reporting, which ANN has not corroborated, legal representatives of the MPA allege copyright infringement on part of the website. The cease-and-desist letters demand that alongside the complete shutdown of the Nyaa website, the recipients of the letters also pay a financial settlement to the copyright-holding members of the MPA and hand over the rights to the website and any technologies connected to it, including the website domain. TorrentFreak stated the copyright-holding members of the MPA claimed that the website's activities have caused “significant, irreparable damage” to the companies.

TorrentFreak stated it could not confirm whether any of the individuals who received the letters are in a position of power at Nyaa.

A Twitter account linked to Nyaa's website made a statement on November 4 in response to the TorrentFreak article:

To briefly address this, we have no plans to shutdown or quit at this time. If we do choose to shutdown eventually we will make a public database dump for any successor entity to use, we will not be just disappearing like our predecessor site leaving everyone else on their own.

According to a post on the same Twitter account, CDN (Content Delivery Network) and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection service Cloudfare terminated services for the Nyaa website in April 2018, which TorrentFreak reported was due to alleged abuse of CloudFlare's copyright systems. Nyaa's operators denied any wrongdoing at the time.

The website is still available as of press time.

Sources: TorrentFreak, Nyaa's Twitter account

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