Koei Tecmo Announces The Nioh Collection for PS5, Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition Game for PS4/PC

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Games launch on February 5

KOEI Tecmo America and Team Ninja announced on Friday that they will release The Nioh Collection, a game collection that includes the Nioh Remastered – The Complete Edition and Nioh 2 Remastered – The Complete Edition games, for PlayStation 5 on February 5. The official YouTube channel for PlayStation began streaming an announcement trailer:

The Nioh Collection will include remastered versions of the first two Nioh games, and it will feature faster load times, up to 120 FPS, save transfer, and cross-gen multiplayer. The collection will also support 4K, 3D audio, and adaptive triggers.

The companies also announced that they will release Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam on February 5. KOEI Tecmo America began streaming an announcement trailer:

Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition includes the base game and all three DLC expansions: "The Tengu's Disciple," "Darkness in the Capital," and "The First Samurai." The complete edition will feature 4K Ultra-HD support, ultra wide-screen compatibility, HDR and 144Hz monitor support, 120 FPS, and full mouse and keyboard customization. The Steam version will include an exclusive Valve Helmet.

The third and final DLC expansion-"The First Samurai," will launch on December 17.

The games and game collection commemorate the series' fourth anniversary. Customers who purchase Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition on PS4 can upgrade to Nioh 2 Remastered – The Complete Edition on PS5 for free. Players who own Nioh 2 on PS4 can upgrade to the base game of Nioh 2 Remastered on PS5.

Nioh 2 launched on PlayStation 4 worldwide in March.

PlayStation describes the game:

Master the lethal arts of the samurai as a mysterious half-human, half-supernatural Yokai warrior, in this challenging action RPG sequel.
Explore violent Sengoku-era Japan and the deadly Dark Realm, both plagued with grotesque, merciless demons.
Unsheathe your deadly weapons and cut down all enemies in your path using a revamped combat system and the ability to transform into a full Yokai to unleash devastating paranormal powers.

The first Nioh game launched for the PS4 in North America, Europe, and Japan in February 2017. KOEI Tecmo America released the game on PC with its DLC expansions under the title Nioh: Complete Edition in November 2017.

KOEI Tecmo Games Europe describes the original Nioh game:

In the dark, fantasy action RPG Nioh, players will traverse war-torn Japan as William, a blonde-haired swordsman whose background as a fierce warrior and seasoned knowledge of the blade allows him to survive in the demon-plagued land of the samurai. Players will face off against other samurai in epic sword battles and intense, multi-target engagements offering a level of difficulty that will truly test even the most hardened samurai's skills, patience, and strategy.

Team Ninja (Dead or Alive series, Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade) developed the game.

Sources: Press release, Official U.S. PlayStation Blog

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