M&C! Licenses Another Horror Manga

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
1st volume of Hiro Kiyohara's manga out on Wednesday

Indonesian publisher M&C! released the first volume of Hiro Kiyohara's manga adaptation of Yukito Ayatsuji's Another horror manga under its Akasha label on Wednesday. M&C! describes the manga:

At North Yomi High School 26 years ago, there was a popular student named Misaki who died of accident when she was in third grade. Unable to move on from the sudden loss, her friends continue to act as though Misaki was still alive. But an apparition of Misaki also appeared in her class' graduation picture …

Kiyohara launched the manga in Kadokawa's Young Ace magazine in 2010, and ended in 2012. Kadokawa published four volumes for the manga. Kiyohara also launched the Another0 manga in Young Ace in 2012, and finished it in the same year.

Ayatsuji published the original novel in 2009. Penerbit Haru released the novel in Indonesia. The novel inspired a 2012 anime by P.A. Works with character designs by Noizi Ito, as well as a 2012 live-action film. Ayatsuji published a sequel novel titled Another: Episode S in 2013. Ayatsuji also penned a second sequel titled Another 2001, which launched it serialization on Kadokawa's Shōsetsu Yasei Jidai magazine in October 2014, and ended in January 2020.

Source: Gramedia's website via Kaori Nusantara

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