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Battle Athletes Daiundōkai ReSTART! Anime's Video Reveals More Cast, April 10 Premiere

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda

The official website for Battle Athletes Daiundōkai ReSTART! (Romanized as Battle Athletess Daiundokai ReSTART! on the website), the anime of Rui Takatō's new Pale Blue Dot Battle Athletes Daiundōkai ReSTART! manga, began streaming a new video for the anime on Friday. The video previews the anime's opening theme song "Cobalt no Kodō" (Cobalt Heartbeat) by Nanaka Suwa, and also reveals three new cast members and the anime's April 10 premiere date.

The new cast members include:

Saori Hayami as Yana Christopher, Luna's representative athlete. She is a practitioner of the Beginners faith. With Luna embroiled in civil war, and herself a refugee, Yana hopes to become the Cosmic Beauty as a way to end the conflict. She had a long-standing rival and friend whom she competed with to be Luna's representative. She brings along a space kangaroo that was with her even in the front lines of the war.

Akari Kitō as Lydia Gurtland, Mars' representative athlete. She is the daughter of the CEO of the Gartland Group, a company that is detested by many as merchants of death. She grew up sheltered, and came to have a proud and haughty attitude. While physically diminutive, her mental strength is beyond most.

Hikaru Nanjō as Paglira Respigh, Pluto's representative athlete. An all-rounder, gifted both physically and mentally, and the looks that match her background as a medical practitioner. She hopes to become the Cosmic Beauty in order to further market Pluto's developing medical technology. She has a doctor's bedside manner, but behind the face is a calculating and unpredictable mind.

The previously announced cast members include:

Sumire Morohoshi as Kanata Akehoshi, Earth's representative athlete, and the daughter of a family of potato farmers. Due to being used to farming work since childhood, she has incredible physical ability. She is bright, cheery, and quick to make friends. Kanata's grandmother taught her the basics of many sports, and for that she will always love and respect her.

Yui Ishikawa as Eva Garenstein, the representative of the colony of Von Esclavo. With superlative atheltic skill, she has excelled in many contests, though she always seems to be emotionless. She has refrained from interacting with other Cosmic Beauties, and her background and upbringing are a complete mystery, but it seems like Kanata knows her.

Miyu Tomita as Shelley Wong, the Venutian candidate. She is the scion of the Wong family, who have long dreamed of overwhelming athletic victory. To that end, Shelley has trained to be the perfect athlete, but an accident resulted in the loss of her right arm and left leg. Despite this, she refused to end her career, and with new prosthetics, she has fought her way to be Venus' candidate. She abhors being pitied or patronized above all.

Noriyoshi Sasaki (Holmes of Kyoto, Joshi Kausei) is directing the anime at Animation Studio Seven, and Yōhei Kashii is in charge of the series scripts. Kazunori Haruyama is designing the characters. Hideo Nakahara is the art director, while Naoto Kondō is the color key artist. Kazuto Horikawa is the compositing director of photography. Toru Nakano is the sound director. hisakuni, Yasuhiro Gasa, Shingo Yamazaki, Takuma Sogi, Yūko Takahashi, Kazuki Tomita, and Kenta Yokochi are composing the music, while SUPA LOVE is credited for background music. Reina Kondo will perform the anime's ending theme song "Sakura Maichiru Yoru ni" (On the Night When Cherry Blossom Petals Drift and Fall).

Takatō's manga features a completely new story for the 90s multimedia franchise Battle Athletes Victory. In the science-fiction sports action story set in the year 5100, elite athletes from around the solar system compete to become Cosmic Beauty, the champion of a huge athletic tournament. The prologue chapter includes images of the new competitors as well as Lahrri Feldnunt, Kris Christopher, and Akari Kanzaki, Cosmic Beauties of 100 years ago.

The manga's prologue debuted on Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha's manga website Comic Ruelle & Comic Jardi on June 26, and is ongoing.

The Battle Athletes Daiundōkai original video anime shipped in Japan from 1997 to 1998. The Battle Athletes Daiundōkai (Battle Athletes Victory) television anime, which retells the story with a different plot and characterizations, also premiered in 1997. Geneon released both series on home video in North America. The franchise also includes manga, video games, novels, and radio dramas.

Takatō's other manga include Devilman Grimoire, Mikarun X, Hagure Idol Jigokuhen, and Cynthia_the_Mission. Seven Seas Entertainment is releasing Devilman Grimoire in English.

Sources: Battle Athletes Daiundōkai ReSTART! anime's website, Comic Natalie

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