Yū Okano's 'Akuyaku Ikka no Okugata, Shinimodori Shite Kokoro o Irekaeru' Novels Get Manga

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Story about treacherous duchess who travels back in time to undo her villainy

The February issue of Kadokawa's Comp Ace magazine announced on December 24 that Kagami is launching a manga adaptation of Yū Okano's Akuyaku Ikka no Okugata, Shinimodori Shite Kokoro o Irekaeru (The Matriarch of a Villainous Family Has a Change of Heart After Returning from Death) novel series in the next issue on January 26.

The story begins when Elain, the duchess of a family so treacherous it has even plotted to claim the throne, dies at the hands of her own daughter. She finds herself regretting her own villainy only at death's door, and realizes far too late the ruin that she has brought to her family name. However, she is surprised to regain consciousness — right in the middle of childbirth. She realizes quickly that she has been brought back in time 30 years to when she had her first son. Carrying her regrets and resolving to not die an ignoble death from her daughter, she works to change her ways and improve her life with her knowledge of the future.

Okano launched the story in the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website in July 2020. Kadokawa began publishing the story in print with illustrations by TEDDY, beginning with the first volume (seen right) in August 2021.

J-Novel Club is publishing Okano's The Unwanted Undead Adventurer novels as well as Haiji Nakasone's manga adaptation of those novels.

Source: Comp Ace February issue

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