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Voice Actors Tomokazu Seki, Nao Tо̄yama Diagnosed with COVID-19

posted on by Alex Mateo
Tо̄yama canceled appearance at Walküre event

Talent agency Atomic Monkey announced on Monday that voice actor Tomokazu Seki has been diagnosed for COVID-19. Seki had a fever on Saturday in the late evening, so he took a PCR test. He is recuperating under the guidance of the local health center. He apologized to fans who were looking forward to various programs and events. He added that his symptoms have subsided.

Seki's roles include Infini-T Force's Ken Washio, Psycho-Pass' Shinya Kōgami, Jujutsu Kaisen's Panda, One Piece's Rob Lucci, Doraemon's Suneo, Fate/stay night's Gilgamesh, Full Metal Panic!'s Sousuke Sagara, Hajime no Ippo's Miyata, Steins;Gate Itaru (Daru), and Yōkai Watch's Whisper.

In related news, talent agency Infinity announced on Sunday that voice actress Nao Tōyama has been diagnosed for COVID-19. She had a sore throat and fatigue on Sunday morning, so she got tested at a medical institution. Her condition is stable, and she is receiving treatment at home. She canceled her appearance at the "Walküre LIVE no Hanashi, Zettai SPECIAL!!!!!!" event, scheduled for Sunday.

Tо̄yama's roles include My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU's Yui Yuigahama, Kinmoza! Kiniro + Mosaic's Karen Kujō, Rent-A-Girlfriend's Ruka, Nisekoi's Chitoge, The World God Only Knows' Kanon, Laid-Back Camp's Rin, and Macross Delta's Reina. She is a member of Walküre, the in-story Macross Delta idol group and the real-life idol group composed of the anime characters' voice actresses or singers.

Sources: Atomic Monkey, Tomokazu Seki's Twitter account, Intention

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