Protoculture Addicts #81

Discover the World of Japanese Animation & Comics! Protoculture Addicts is one of the main anime & manga magazines in North America and is also the oldest one — it has been around for over fifteen years, so its staff really knows anime. It is an independent magazine dedicated to keep fans informed about what is going on in the anime industry (both in Japan and North America) and to help fans choose the best titles to buy. Each issue introduces several anime (with overviews, character & mechanical files, episode guides, etc.), anime-related products (DVDs, manga, CDs, models kits, toys, etc.) or events (festivals, conventions, etc.) and elements of Japanese culture (live-action movies, books, music, etc.). It covers all styles and genres of anime and caters to the interests of both beginners & otakus. Protoculture Addicts offers more useful information than any other anime magazines. It is your best guide to anime culture! Bimonthly, 72 pages (8 in color), $4.95.

This issue of the most informative anime magazine introduces several anime series like Aim For The Ace, Full Metal Alchemist, Galaxy Railways, Gunsliger Girl, Kaleidostar, Planetes, Read Or Die TV, She The Ultimate Weapon (aka “Saikano”) and more! It also offers plenty of convention & festival reports, reviews of lots of recent anime & manga-related products (DVDs, CDs, manga, books, model kits, live-action movies, etc.) and the latest news. Don't miss it!

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