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GADGUARD Volume One : “Lightning”
“Friendship, chance encounters and partings, dreams from our teen years – everything is packed inside.”NewtypeUSA


Get Into The Groove With Volume One Arriving on DVD June 22

From Gonzo Digimation, the creators of some of Japan's most critically acclaimed anime (Last Exile, Vandread and Hellsing) comes another exciting, visually stunning feast for action/adventure lovers: Gad Guard Volume One – Lightning. The “superhero” for the new millennium, Hajiki Sanada - free-wheeling, fun-loving and oh-so-cool - has just moved up in the game when he happens upon a magical stone with extraordinary powers that turns his world upside-down and right-side up again. Now this kid is on his way to being top dog, and to finally getting his family the life they deserve.

“Gad Guard” aired in Japan in 2003 on FujiTV and the Animax Channel and is available on DVD June 22, 2004 for the suggested price of $29.98. Featuring Japanese and English Stereo Dolby Digital sound, English subtitles and scene access the DVD also includes a full color art gallery and the non-credit opening animation. A limited edition collectible box set with room for the rest of the series will also be available for $44.98 with a limited edition knit cap similar to the one worn by Hajika. Prebook is May 18, 2004.

Gad Guard: Lightning Synopsis:

Many people have searched for it, many have stolen it and many will kill for it. The Gad is a seemingly magical stone which, once making a strong spiritual connection with someone, will grow into a very powerful robot known as a Techode: a mechanical being that embodies the will of the bonded person. This is the story of Hajiki Sanada, a boy struggling to help support his fatherless family in an electricity-impoverished city know as Night Town. One day, he encounters a Gad and a special bond is formed. Now, his life will never be the same.


Price: $29.98 (DVD)
Street Date: 06/22/04
Running Time: 100 minutes
Rating: 13 UP (for language, violence, nudity and mature themes)
Audio: English and Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0


Price: $44.98 (DVD)
Street Date: 06/22/04
Running Time: 100 minutes
Rating: 13 UP (for language, violence, nudity and mature themes)
Audio: English and Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0



“A solid and enjoyable experience that I recommend highly.”

Street Date: June 8, 2004 SRP: $29.98 DVD
Approx. Running Time: 115 minutes Rating: 13 UP

Character designs by Kitaro Kosaka (Princess Mononoke)
Animated by Mad House (Trigun, X, Ninja Scroll, Patlabor WXIII)
Menu design by Nightjar (Akira, Hellsing)

DVD Features: Five bilingual episodes (English and Spanish) Motion menus Special hidden features, unique to each volume Two subtitles streams, signs-only and translated Japanese dialog.

Master Keaton: Volume 7 – Life & Death Synopsis:

From Europe to Japan, Keaton's family matters drag him in between his father and a strange woman, leading him to memories of his childhood in Cornwall. To avoid these troubles, Keaton explores more dangerous paths while investigating suspicious murders across Europe. As usual, Keaton's skills will be put to the test to uncover the truth, but while he's recovering from a broken leg his daughter Yuriko will use skills of her own to track down a purse-snatched in London.



Street Date: June 8, 2004 SRP: $19.98 DVD
Approx. Running Time: 125 minutes Rating: 7 UP

DVD Features: Five complete episodes as seen on ABC Family.

Beyblade: Volume 9 – Russian Challenges Synopsis:

As Kai explores the mysterious Russian abbey, he realizes he was trained there as a child. Boris, the leader of the abbey's secret Beyblade facility, entices Kai to return and join the Demolition Boys, the abbey's specially trained uber-team. Kai is tempted by the taste of supreme power and the ultimate prize of the Black Dranzer, the most powerful Beyblade ever built. Turning traitor, Kai becomes a pawn in Boris' plot to brainwash Beybladers and take over the world. As the World Championship nears, the Bladebreakers' strongest player becomes their most dangerous enemy. Kai turns on everyone and everything that matters, driven only by the thirst for power and perfection. Who will win Kai's loyalty…the dark side or the Bladebreakers?



Arriving on DVD June 8, Titles Include Acclaimed Anime Fan-Favorites The SoulTaker and Tenchi In Tokyo

From out-of-this-world solar destruction, to family reunion celebrations, to a group of super-powered girls fighting for love and justice, the fifth wave of the Geneon Signature Series debuts on DVD on June 8 from Geneon Entertainment. The futuristic mystery of The SoulTaker – The Monster Within leads the pack of fan favorites. No stranger to this popular series, Sailor Moon S TV Series, Trigun (Angel Arms), and
Tenchi In Tokyo (A New Legend) round out the series, featuring special uncut episodes on the DVD which aired on the Cartoon Network in an edited format.

The Geneon Signature Series collection offers something for all anime fans and the anime curious at a great price, as each title is available for $19.98 and features interactive menus with scene access and bilingual subtitles.

Sailor Moon S TV Series (Volume 5)

Featuring an airhead crybaby named Usagi (Sailor Moon) and her friends, this series follows the girls as they use special powers to transform into Sailor Scouts to fight for love and justice. In this volume, Usagi's daughter Chibi-Usa (Mini Moon) travels back in time to help her future mother battle the powers of the Negaverse. Along with Chibi-Usa's new best friend, Hotaru, the two create a personality with awesome powers! Unfortunately, her father, Professor Tomoe, is also part of the Death-Busters who are attempting to destroy the world. As Hotaru's powers grow stronger, so do the suspicions of Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto. Soon everyone suspects that Hotaru may not only be Sailor Saturn, but also the Sovereign of Silence - the nightmare that brings the world of darkness and destruction! The three Outer Solar System Sailor Soldiers are determined to prevent the darkness, but can they destroy a fellow Sailor Soldier!

$19.98 SRP Rated: 13 UP
Run Time: 145 min.

The SoulTaker - The Monster Within (Volume 1)
Kyosuke Date is a kind-hearted boy who is a mutant with the ability to transform into an extremely powerful being called The SoulTaker. While fighting to survive, he discovers the secrets that are buried deep within him and within the corporation called the Kirihara Group. In this volume, Kyosuke's normal life shatters with the knife's sharp entry into his heart.
Why did his mom do it? As Kyosuke recovers, his body reveals a dangerous secret…a secret proving his past is a lie. Kysouke searches for Runa, the sister he never knew, and the truth about his ability to transform into the powerful SoulTaker! But, Kirhara Heavy Industries and mutants from the mysterious hospital will prevent Kyosuke from learning anything with as much violence as possible!

$19.98 SRP Rated: 16 UP
Run Time: 75 min.

Tenchi In Tokyo - A New Legend (Volume 3)
This series follows the adventures of Tenchi as he leaves his home for Tokyo for more schooling and meets Sakuya, a girl his age who seems quite eager to become his girlfriend – an ambition that brings on the wrath of Ryoko and Ayeka. In the third volume, Tenchi returns to his hometown for the Tenchi family anniversary celebration, however, when Sakuya follows Tenchi home, Ryoko and Ayeka almost turn the party into a war!
The situation gets worse when all of the alien girls' crystal pendants disappear. Who is the real thief? Later in a suburb of Tokyo, an old ruin is discovered and Tenchi and his friends fall into a cavern beneath the ruins. There, they discover an empty 3,500 year-old sarcophagus, and two very hostile Jurai Guardians looking for the contents.

$19.98 SRP Rated: 13 UP
Run Time: 75 min.

Trigun - Angel Arms (Volume 5)
Set in the distant future on a deserted planet, gunfighter Vash the Stampede arrives with a
$$60 billion bounty on his head and the entire town evacuates at the rumor of his arrival.
In this volume, Vash must leave his friends and happiness behind as he walks the treacherous and bloody path prepared by Legato. The body count begins to rise as the Gung-Ho Guns enter the picture, but Vash will do anything he can to preserve life.

$19.98 SRP Rated: 13 UP
Run Time: 75 min.





Arriving On CD June 8, 2004

Geneon Entertainment turns up the volume with three dramatic original soundtracks from some of the most moving and exciting anime on screen. JUNO REACTOR (The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions), J-pop superstar GACKT, Hajime Mizoguchi (Escaflowne, Rahxephon, Jin-Roh), Tsuneo Imahori (Trigun, Gungrave) and Keisha Urata (Akira) lay down wildly imaginative, wickedly beautiful tracks that are the backdrop for the raw and intense action of Texhnolyze – Inhumane And Beautiful. The mood-inducing, gripping instrumentals of R.O.D Original Soundtrack create an atmosphere of mystery for this sexy and exciting spy-thriller, while the graceful and melodic tunes of Utena – Adolescence Rush induce a rush of aural pleasure with a melding of classical sounds.

Geneon Entertainment offers anime fans the chance to receive a bonus anime CD with its
Anime CD Promotion. Fans who mail in proof of purchase cards from four Geneon Anime CDs released between January 2004 through August 2004 will receive a bonus CD of their choice. At the forefront of importing Japanese pop culture to North America, Geneon has released over two-dozen original anime soundtracks.

R.O.D Original Soundtrack

Based on the wildly popular three-part series, it's do or die time in R.O.D, an explosive, superpowered spy-tech action adventure. Composer Taku Iwasaki (Witch Hunter Robin, Rurouni Kenshin) carries out his mission of delivering a tailor-made soundtrack perfectly suited to this lights-out anime spy thriller. Included on the 14-track R.O.D Original Soundtrack are definitive nods to the era of ultra-cool spy movies with the opening and long versions of the “Theme of R.O.D,” along with an outstanding selection of instrumentals, ranging from light tones to dramatic intensity, with subterfuge-inducing ambiance snuck in for good measure.

Texhnolyze Original Soundtrack - Music Only Music But Music

With the release of the gritty and suspenseful series Texhnolyze Volume One –
“Inhumane and Beautiful”, Geneon unleashes Texhnolyze – Music Only Music But Music, the wickedly beautiful soundtrack behind the new anime thriller. Featuring the propulsive techno opening theme by JUNO REACTOR (The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions) and the contrastingly lush and elegant closing song “Poem of the Moon” by international J-Pop star GACKT, the CD also includes 22 instrumental tracks by anime music giants such as Hajime Mizoguchi (Jin-Roh, Rahxephon), Koji Kasamatsu (serial experiments lain), Tsuneo Imahori (Trigun), Keishi Urata (Akira), among others.

Utena the Movie Original Soundtrack – Adolescence Rush

Revolutionize your anime world with Utena the Movie Original Soundtrack – Adolescence Rush based on the masterfully artistic and radically symbolic theatrical film. Just beneath the film's intricate layered plot about truth and self-discovery and the luscious animation, lies a marvelous auricular ballet of swooping duel choruses, regal waltz tunes, delicate piano-led melodies and dramatic orchestral salvos. Arranged and composed by Shinkichi Mitsumune (Fooly Cooly, Love Hina Again) this 14-track CD includes two dynamic vocal tracks, “At Times, Love Is” and the remixed version of “A Round Dance – Revolution” both sung by J-pop star Masami Okui (Slayers, Blue Seed, Sorcerer Hunter). The CD comes with an insert booklet that includes song titles, lyrics, foreword instructions and credits translated into English and phonetic lyrics.

Title: Approx Run Time: Price:
R.O.D – Original Soundtrack 46 Minutes $14.98
Texhnolyze – Original Soundtrack 71 Minutes $14.98
Utena – Original Soundtrack 58 Minutes $14.98

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